Are 14 inch biceps considered 'big biceps'... I'm aware average healthy guy is 12 inches? (circumference)

So would you consider 14 inches big?

I always considered 15 inches to be the boundary for big, even though 14 is apparently way above average. (For a healthy cut guy)

What do you think?


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  • flexed or unflexed.

    • Both are flexed... unflexed its 13.13 lol... so I would guess it would be over half an inch less for the average also... so like 11.2

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    • Whys that? Where did you hear that?...

      I don't see how high body fat inhibits ability to build muscle? Not that that's high but your saying higher body fats do...

    • Believe I read it in an artical. Head to and read some of christian thib's stuff.

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