Girls, in summer when you wear white see-through pants...

You know, those ultra thin -clothed white summer pants that are really really see through...what do you wear underneath them? No matter what it is, it will be on display somehow, so what do you girls usually wear underneath them? Any suggestions? Please tell me what you think is the best.


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  • I wear a skin colored (nude) thong or G-string.


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  • This is an awesome question.

  • Try nothing :) it's the only thing that doesn't show through. But shave because that may show through.

  • Everyone says skin tone to blend in, I say something contrasting to show out , a white thong, bikini or boy shorts really shows thur and looks HOT


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  • Lol I don't know any girl who still wears these... Anyways you want underwear that blends in with your skin.

  • usually nothing, white g strings, or thongs. yea sometimes they show threw but who cares. wear whatever color you want under them. As far as some peoples rude comments on here, f*** them. Who cares what people think? You have to be yourself and wear what you want to wear and what makes YOU happy.

  • Don't wear the pants lol it always looks slutty. Wear white pants or capris. Made from jeans material instead

    • In summer when it's hot I won't wear jeans material. And by the way, thanks for calling me slutty...?!

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    • The pants look slutty. Very few women around here wear those types of pants in white, precisely because they're so see through and most ladies with an ounce of class hold themselves to Higher standard than that. There's a lot of other summer clothes that are more cute and more classy too

    • YOU are not to decide what's classy and what not. You have no right insulting me calling me slutty. Here in Europe lots of women wear those during summer. Calling them all slutty, now THAT's unclassy.

      "The pants look slutty." - You're saying this like it's a fact, but it's just an opinion (yours in this case). You sound like a 12 year old.

  • I don't think it's a good idea to wear a thong or nude underwear under them. I think white shorts under them would be way cuter.

    I don't see those pants here. What do you usually see girls wearing under them?

    • Shorts? But they will be most visible and my ass will look stupid. I think usually girls wear light colored thongs under them. Seems the best so far.

    • Well thongs seem too revealing for me. If you're comfortable with that then where a light colored thong. Good thing shorts don't look stupid on me.

    • No, I didn't mena shorts look bad. But shorts that are visible through pants look stupid. It's the same as having pantylines...

  • thong. like the skin colored ones or tan ones

  • A white brazillian cut without stitches would be the best I think at least that's what I wear with white pants or tights

    • Sorry, but what exactly is a brazilian cut?

    • 3/4 piece of a normal's very hot..i think it's hotter than g-strings

    • Ah OK, I googled it now. It's not exactly my style, I personally like thongs and g-strings better. But still thanks!