Do a lot of short guys have less confidence when it comes to asking women out? Or do they just prefer tall?

Ive noticed something. Short guys don't try to ask me out nearly half as much as tall men do. I'm short. Not extremely short - 5'3 - but short. Some would call that average, but average population can still be short. lol everyone tells me I'm short anyway, I can't reach high things easily, etc. so onto my question. I'm not really bothered that short men don't talk to me. I love tall men. however, its just interesting that they don't even try with me. my best friend is a little shorter than I am - 5'2 - and she notices the same thing. all the guys she has been with have been much taller. at least 5'11 but usually a little taller.

so I'm curious. are all the short guys getting with tall chicks? it could just be our experiences but I know some other short girls who are even shorter or around our height who say the same. tall men hit on us more than short guys do. and by tall I mean actually tall, not just tall compared to us.

short guys this question is for you: do you like short girls? are you not as into short girls? do you prefer tall girls? or is it a confidence issue?


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  • I would that it depends. For example I'm short I'm only 5'5 and I love shorter girls. I talk to them because I don't care about my height. I'm a very confident guy. It all depends on the guy if he's shy or not. If they would hit on you would you date them? Because you said you like tall guys...

    • i mean, I definitely prefer tall guys, but it depends on the person. there's a guy I know who is gorgeous, intelligent, funny, etc. he's seriously one of the most attractive men I've ever seen in my life. if he were single and interested in me, id definitely date him. he's about 5'5'', 5'6. he has a girlfriend though and I think she's taller than he is actually. she's also very unattractive, but that's another story. it all depends on the person, but I really like tall men.

    • yea your right it all depends on the person. Sometimes you fall in love with people that you wouldn't think that you would like.

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  • "I'm not really bothered that short men don't talk to me. I love tall men."

    I can't imagine why they would have low confidence...

    Anyway, I'm 5'10" and I've been approached by both short and tall guys. The short guys who say the, "omg, I loveee tall women" thing, and tall men who say the same or just don't care about height. *shrugs* My short girlfriends get hit on by short guys, too.

    • idk maybe its just something about some of my friends and I that repels short guys. who knows lol I'm just curious. some complete strangers preferences won't be enough to affect your confidence unless you already have preexisting issues with confidence.

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    • When every woman says the same thing as you just mentioned, its very natural for a short guy to become greatly insecure.

    • I wouldn't approach a woman who "looks" superficial since these types of girls probably pour a lot of effort into their looks and want a man just as superficially appealing as them/Tall/Dark/Handsome, as a short guy I approach and am more friendly to girls that look "off"/hipster/whatever since its assumed she didn't buy into the social programming of Tall/Dark/Handsome as much.

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  • It doesn't matter what short guys find attractive. The height standards of women placed on us is so damn high, in most cases we leave this earth as virgins. You don't see short guys going out with girls? Figures.

  • More tall men hit on you than short men, because more tall men *exist* than short men. It has nothing to do with confidence or preferences, it's just simple probability.

    Just to prove you wrong, I am short myself, and I pursue short women exclusively. That's not because I am intimidated by tall girls or anything (despite many tall girls claiming that's the case, out of bitterness), but because I simply find short girls more attractive and I have no desire to be with a girl who is taller than me. That's all there is to it.

  • Not really, it's just they know they'll be show down by a woman same height or taller.

  • it does not matter

  • I'm a 5'1 male and I'll just take anyone I can get lol. Maybe it's from fear of rejection?


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