Girls, describe your perfect guy?

Hold nothing back...personality, looks, career, interests, etc.


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  • well there's no such thing as perfect, but for me it'd be enough if my guy was into serious stuff, like longterm goals finding a marriage partner, a guy who respects himself and doesn't care what others thnk of him, who is moral and courageous at the same time, hopefully he is still a virgin, its definitely a plus for me, because it means he's not out to get laid for the sake of getting laid but rather he wants to share that moment with someone special, I like him to be himself, have somewhat similar interests as me, we should be able to get along fine and think alike, he should be badass outgoing and in control of himself, intellectual at the same time...he doesn't need to have a 4.0, but he should be street smart...he should have his ambitions, goals, and be open to trying new things.

    for looks, I don't have anything specific, it really blends with the given personality of the guy, he should just be original and be himself...he shouldnt try hard to be somethings he not, I mean I see guys on campus wearing collared shirts and fancy jeans, and blue contacts geled spiked hair, and they talk like they just graduated 6th grd, and it just turns me off when I see a guy trying too hard...and at the same time I've met guys who are street smart, quick, funny, and outgoing always on top of things and knowledgable and wearing a simple tshirt and jeans makes them incredibly good looking and hot!

    • I feel kinda cocky and up myself saying I'm all that

    • Hahahaha marrry me!!!

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  • 5'7"-5'11" with hazel or amber eyes (unless he has black hair, then I like blue eyes) dark brown hair, a nice straight nose, a heart-shaped face, 2 eye brows, defined lips (like billy boyd's) a nice singing voice, nice shoulders, decent chest, clean nails and ears, nice smile (not necessarily perfectly straight teeth though)

    as for personality, I like a guy I can argue with and who can actually stand up to me! I like an intelligent goof ball. not raunchy humor, I much prefer wit and sardonic humor. if he has an understanding of history it's awesome and if he's able to look at things critically, that's pretty cool (just not at critically as me because he needs to keep me in check :P I'm pretty harsh)

    it'd be great if he would be willing to learn to ride horses because I'm bit on that. but if he can take a hedge already, then I'm pretty much all his.

    • Marry me...jk I hate horses. But I do have 2 eye brows haha

  • personality: nice, honest, has integrity (I can't stand guys who BS their way through life and don't think I'll pick up on it and kick them out of my life lol), ambitious (like me! yay)

    looks: I don't know why but blond guys in general catch my eye...I'm half-Asian, but yeah and guys with dark hair. taller, a little muscular, stricking jaw line lol, idk, a 6 pack, a nice ass

    career: any decent career, as long as he's not a criminal

    interests: I would imagine if they were similar to mine, it would be great yah, w/e ^_^

  • The most important thing in a man to me is one who is true to himself. Someone who doesn't care about what other people think and they just live their live to make themself happy and no one else. I think some people think they have some sort of "standard" to meet up to and that is just crazy to me. You only live once so worry about making yourself happy and not the world around you. That being said I like someone funny above all, someone who doesn't take life to seriously but is still responsible. Someone with a balance of street smarts and book smarts who doesn't have a silver spoon in their mouth. I like men who earn what they have and aren't used to things being handed to them. I think earning things builds character. I don't care about someone's career choice as long as it makes them happy and they work hard. Its better to make less and enjoy what you do then make a million a year and hate your job. If you can have both that is great too! I don't care about his interest as long as he is passionate about something. I like when I have different interest then the person I am with that way we can share them with each other. As far as looks go I don't have a type per say. Looks are least important to me because those things fade over time. I do like bigger guys, big arms and shoulders. Guys that are tall. It doesn't matter what you look like are long as you are confident with yourself that is the sexiest thing. NOT COCKY though, there is a thin line...

    • Wish there were move people like you

    • Thank you! just wondering why someone voted down my individual opinion...doesnt make sense lol

  • i honestly don't care about his body type so long as he's not 300 pounds or something unhealthy like that or if he carries himself well with those 300 pounds, I can take that too, haha.

    personality: sense of humor, respectful, has some prospects for the future (careers, education, etc), smart (I have to be able to hold a decent conversation with you), openminded (no racists, intolerance for religions/homosexuals/gender/etc). he has to be willing to build a friendship before the relationship and keep that friendship during the relationship. I want us to be able to hang out one night like I'm one of the guys and still be able to make out the other night 'cause I'm his girl ;). I want him to be eager to learn/try new things, laid back

    if he has a good mix of music, movies, and interests, that's awesome. if he plays an instrument or sings, that would be cool. I'd love a guy who can cook, and who's committed. no 'playas' thank you very much. he has to be considerate of my feelings and be willing to compromise. I want someone who'll stand up for me (even if he thinks he'll lose the fight) and will make me feel safe (not just from physical harm, but will assure me that I won't get my heart broken). he doesn't have to be some macho dude to do this. being around any guy makes me feel more protected anyway for some reason...

    ummm... yeah. I'm mostly attracted to guys with dark hair and light eyes or dark hair in general... but yeah, blondes are in too. I don't have a racial preference, even though I don't particularly find asian men/indian men (like people from India) attractive for some reason. I'm sure there are some fine looking ones out there (i've seen some) but idk... they just never struck me as datable for some reason :/

    • How can you group intolerance for religion with intolerance for homosexuals and genders? Fuck you.

    • Umm...what? why are you so mad man? f***ing relax. I don't even understand what you're talking about.

  • GREAT question.

    My perfect man:

    He would be from a good family and would have grown up in southern New England (CT, RI, MA). He would have gone to prep school (groton, choate, exeter, avon, etc.) and a nescac for college (williams, amherst, colby, bates, bowdoin, etc.). He would be a seasoned hockey or lacrosse player and would be built, but not ripped, about 6'2" and blonde.

    He would be really funny and kind of a douche in the right circumstances, but always nice to me. He would love comedies and action movies, but appreciate the occasional viewing of Love Actually around the holidays. He would be a fantastic cook and a great gift giver, but he would be terrible at following directions and not very handy.

    He would be spontaneous and always up for fun activities like sailing and snowboarding, but he would hate hiking. He would have a lot of experience sexually speaking and would talk like a porn star in the bedroom.

    He would be incredibly outgoing and have tons of friends. He would drive an SUV and he would love dogs, preferably big ones. His specific job wouldn't matter as long as he's happy, fulfilled, and making bank. He should love being on/in/around lakes, oceans, and rivers.

    And most importantly, he should challenge me every day, and always bring out the best in me.

    Specific enough for you?

  • personality is abit thing for me, like I couldn't date a guy just for his looks. there would have to be more "inside his head" haha..





    -has a great sence of humor

    -not cocky

    -spontanious (but not crazy)

    -knows what they want out of life and is scared to get it, so ambitious

    -loves the outdoors

    -isnt materialistic

    -not vain

    -i don't mind if their shy, just as long as they open up to me

    -some who accepts everyone and gives them a fare go, and doesn't judge

    -someone who just adores me, and would give 110% into the relationship like I do

    -romantic. not all the time, but it would be nice.


    -healthy. they don't have to have a 6 pack or pecks, but as long as they keep themself in decent shape I'm happy: )

    -(im going to sound so hypicritical when I say this, because I'm so white, but they gotta have alittle bit of a tan)

    -they don't have to have blue eyes, but I melt when guys have blue eyes! mmmmmm. . .

    -a gorgeous smile always draws my attention in: D so smile away boys!


    -dont care, as long as they not sleeping in a hole and have bad hygine or dirty cloths

    -and as long as their happy with the job they have chosen to do





    -boxing (the real one)


    -laughing and just having a good time


    see... I'm not that hard to impress!


  • Alright lol this should be fun.

    My perfect guy would be incredibly nice and sweet. He would be funny too, but not like annoying funny, just able to make me laugh. He would be caring and always there to listen to me when I need somebody to talk to. He would have to act normal around my family and friends, not like some of the guys that get quiet and attached to me (that's basically saying, I feel threatened by your family and friends...). I mean he doesn't have to be loud or talking at all times, but I wouldn't want him to just not talk. I would want him to be smart, (not like really smart where he is always trying to prove me wrong), but somebody that I can have an intelligent conversation with. I am really into community service and helping other people, so it would be really cool if he would do these things with me. Play the guitar or some musical instrument (this is optional, but definitely a plus). Okay for looks .. basically I'll describe the guy I'm crushing on lol. Light hair, like a light brown blondish color (though I usually tend to go for people with darker hair). blue eyes (eye color doesn't matter either). Definitely not somebody with a whole lot of muscle. I usually go for thin guys who aren't exactly built lol. Not too short, but not too tall. Around my height, maybe a little taller (I'm 5'6). Career doesn't really matter - something that he loves to do though, so that he is really happy with his life. For interests, anything really - I wouldn't want him to be too serious, so some fun stuff would be cool - like music, writing, hahaha ... I don't know anything that's fun. I wouldn't want him to be perfect (I know that sort of ruins the question lol), because I hate perfections. I think that imperfections are just as attractive. How's that? lol.


    1) He is well groomed and in great physical shape

    2) He donates his time to give back to his community

    3) He loves and is passionate about his career choice (money is not an issue)

    4) He is very funny and outgoing

    5) He is great in the sack!

  • Personality-good sense of humour, knows how to make me wet myself from laughing, respectful, has good manners, holds the door open for anyone, kind, caring, thoughtful, generous, isn't bothered by appearances, thinks I look beautiful even when I've been crying, doesn't mind if I want to wear my sweats all the time, will put up with my weird phobias, doesn't get jealous at the slightest thing, will put me before anyone, won't listen to rumours or anyone that wants to split us up, will never be unfaithful to me, trustworthy and will trust me with anything, will tell me what's on his mind when he goes quiet, will never put another girl before me, will talk on the phone for hours when we can't see each other, will just sit there in silence with me when we have nothing to talk about, will put up with my stupid questions but above all will love me with all his heart <33

    Career-doesnt matter about his career, if he has no job then he has more time to spend with me and if he has a job then as long as he is doing something he loves then that's all that matters.

    Looks-gorgeous eyes for me are the most important feature on a guy because I want to look into the most beautiful eyes and I want to enjoy looking into them. I love unique eyes and I love brown eyes and I love blue eyes lol. I prefer guys with very short hair that doesn't take them forever to style and won't get in a mess in the wind-i don't want them to be bothered about their hair because that's a girls job. Good complexion-lots of spots is unattractive. I prefer a guy that wears sweats and trainers and hoodies-very casual but very sexy.

    Interests-someone who likes r'n'b,hip hop and dance music, someone that will enjoy going shopping with me, loves going to watch movies, loves watching movies in bed with me, a guy that would rather have a night in with me than a night out with the lads, a guy that loves to play and watch football (soccer) and someone who just likes hanging out and enjoying life. Plus, someone who wants to travel.

    • You are what consider a match

    • Lol tbh I'm probably being a bit too fussy expecting one guy to fit my ideal, I have never met any guy that could match my expectations :)

  • Personality-





    not to clingy

    doesnt totallly ignore u

    romantic(im so cheesy like I would love for a guy to sing to me *bruno mars especially cough cough*)

    not ashamed of u

    doesnt give a d**n what people think somethimes

    wud do anythin for u

    not easily embarrassed

    crazy(but in a good way)

    not a player

    can argue an opinion

    likes to just randomly talk

    isnt obsessed with a girls look (I hat guys that are like he nice butt and ill just roll my eyes and make a note to self I hate you I like the compliemnt but still)

    confident but not in a conceited way

    I HATE CONCEITED PPL just sayin ;P


    short hair

    not a gansta or nothin

    good haircut

    nice smile*if you hav a crooked smile that looks hot I luvvvvvvv that*

    nice eyes(preferably blue but other colors are great to)

    taller than me (but most girls are lol)

    sporty but not like coby bryant or anythin


    idk as long as they aren't gone a lot and are ent like robbers lol




    me lol ;P

    having fun

  • My perfect guy is attractive in my eyes, he is my hero because even when he doesn't agree with me he validates my feelings, he truly listens, and cares. My guy has something to teach me and loves to learn. He is passionate but not violent, he sees the good in others and he has a balance between being social with others and spending time with me. He is honest and expressive, he knows that he isn't perfect and doesn't expect me to be either. He doesn't pin another woman against me with comparisons and if he's afraid to open up to people somehow he lets his guard down with me. He makes me smile and he allows me to treat him like my prince and then my king but we rule together not one over the other. He doesn't expect me to be the best women he just expects me to be the best me and he works to improve himself. If he notices he has wronged people he apologizes sincerly and he is looking for a relationship mixed with fun, peace, support, acceptance, growth and exclusiveness. Forgiving towards me/others and himself. Someone with similar values. He doesn't get bored easily because he can make any simple thing seem magical and interesting.

    I guess just a simple guy lol

  • hmm a guy that is focused on his future, sweet, caring, loving, smart, trustworthy, honest...etc. This may sound a little selfish, but Id want to be one of his main priorities...i don't wanna just date someone who isn't committed...someone who would make sacrifices to be with me..he also has to be family orientated because family and friends are the most important things in my life

  • Im not too demanding about looks...but I like a sexy but, back, shoulders...and eyes.There's a determined form of eyes that I love I don't like blonde guys too much, I prefer brown/ black ideal looking guy is someone like this link xD lool ,i love his eyes

    personality and character are WAY more important: he has to be intelligent, smart, practical. I don't like playing games so I prefer guys who are honest, sincere...funny, outgoing,caring and a hot lover... He has to show he's pyhisically and psychologically attracted to me.

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  • Ummm ok well lets see...I think I will describe my current crush because he seems to fit the characteristics that I like...


    Medium, brown hair

    Just a little taller than me(and I am about 5 foot, yea I know I'm pretty short)

    Incredibly cute smile!

    Adorable eyes


    Really sweet, nice, and thoughtful.


    Seems to be outgoing


    Is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in




    Whatever makes him, him so as long as we have enough in common(which we do) idc

  • Smart, caring, Loving, devoted to me,somewhat sensitive, places me very high on his list of important people, willing to commit to me,Friend as well as lover. Tall, brown eyes, brown hair, skinny or muscular, oval face, large feet and hands, skin that is slightly darker than mine, Great smile, big lips, long-ish, long straight fingers, nice arms. I think I would want him to be a singer or a doctor. I love it when a guy sings to me! Interests, I think he would probaly be interested in travel, expeirencing new things, dancing, swimming, and music.

  • 1st: A Christian guy most imporantly

    2nd: bigger than me (190lb and over 6') and in decent shape

    3rd: outgoing and funny

  • How can you ask that question!? lol there are a million different girls and a million different "prince charming's" that occupy their fairytale dreams. If there is a specific girl you are trying to impress that would help.

    • Million girls, a million answers, looks like it's time to get started

  • mmm dream guy ok he has to be well educated, sensitive, witty, outgoing, caring and showing it (of course not needy), knows how to talk and socialize, have a clear mind, respectful, openminded, and willing to learn,with a sense of humor and it is quite charming to find some romance from time to time.

    about the way he looks, well it isn't important to have specific character or so but necessary to be in good shape Muscles are good but not too much just shape or may be a bit more

    looking good in sporty style and in tux of course clean and tasty, has to be taller than me

    a pretty face dark hair as black is good or blond hair very light ;)

    any career is good as long as he is happy with.

    Interests are mainly Art (gd tatse and objective judgement), Bascketball, a fan of nature it is a necessity and a same general tatse with music and likes to watch movies, no prob with some difference of course

    IT Is a Must that he like Kong fu and if he practices it would be gd

    well that would be it

  • Personality: Main thing I want in a guy is for him to not only get along with me, but with all my family and all my friends. If they don't approve then there has to be something not right with the guy. He has to be funny,but not really funny because I might get annoyed of that easily lol, not very sensitive but still has feelings because I grew up with two brothers who love to argue their point so I learned well and that's just how I am so if I start debating, he can't get offended or sensitive because that just sucks. He has to like to cuddle, be confident, very accomplished, he has to be organized, know what he wants and isn't afraid of going for it.

    Looks: I know I probably won't get the full deal personality and the looks but I still have a preference lol. I absolutely love carmel colored skin, dark eyes, dark hair, tall, thin but muscular... ex. Enrique Iglesias. He's my ultimate :) Athletic would be nice too.

    Career: Definitely Doctor, it's like the hottest profession next to Firefighter :D And knowing that your man is saving peoples lives as a everyday job makes it that much better :)

    Interest: Music, sports but not Hockey and he isn't obsessed with watching it like.. "Oh my goodness I need to watch the last half of the game or I'll die!" OK I was exaggerating a bit but you get the point. It would be cool if he was a handy man around the house too... :)

    Haha that is so much fun to do. A mental image like pops into my head and I'm saying it and its like woahh! lol

  • * A man who loves God

    * Praying man

    * Loves my children, as well as myself (we are a package deal)

    * Enjoys the outdoors

    * Spontaneous

    * Great Cook

    * Likes to Clean

    * Athletic

    * Family Man (takes care of his mom and other family members)

    * Patient

    * Handy Man

    * Giver

    * Caring

    * Heroic (No Wimps or Punks Allowed!)

    * Trustworthy

    * Educated

    * Youthful

    * Witty

    * Humorous (Silly Sometimes)

    * Forgiving

    * Counsels

    * Leader/Leadership Abilities

    * Submissive to Leadership--Teachable

    * Good Steward (Thrifty Spender)

    * Prioritizes/Organized

    * Romantic

    * Great Listener

    * Good Friend

    * Problem Solver

  • I like guys who take care of themsleves.He has to want to become something in life,sweet,smart,loving, RESPECTFUL which is very important to me.

  • Is anyone gonna read all these? Well anyway:

    dark hair that's not too short

    blue or green or gray eyes- yum

    a little taller than me- maybe 5'9"- so we give good hugs

    long upper body- don't really know why thatshot to me but it is

    little bit of leg and arm muscles


    plays guitar/piano/both please?

    sings well

    enjoys childish things like coloring and swinging and Disney etc.

    good Catholic or any Christian who gives time to church (sings, lectors, volunteers)

    likes kids- it's so adorable when guys play with little kids


    athletic- maybe track or baseball or soccer I don't know whatever

    tickles me

    holds me close



    a gentleman

    confident most of the time

    likes my friends

    likes my baseball team

    makes the first move always

    makes up goofy games

    smells good

    smiles and laughs easily

    Loves Me!

    Creepily, thus describes the guy I like. And myself, to some extent.

  • My perfect guy is my boyfriend. I'm madly in love with him and has my everything. But if I wasn't with him I would like to have someone like him. Someone with a great personality and character. Someone who can be them self around me and their friends. Someone who knows how to treat me. I don't really care much for looks as long as they know how to act. But I would still like a guy that is taller and fit. A guy who has amazing hair and eyes. Doesn't really matter what color or style but darker hair and eyes are preferred. And I also like a guy with style. His interest is his own business, it doesn't matter what kind of things he is into and as long as his career or his hobbies don't kill him or get him hurt in any way I'm fine with it.

    • You say that cause you never met me

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    • Haha yea I kno right. well I jus broke up wit him because I wanted someone different. so maybe there ain't no perfect guy. jus perfect situations. who knows anymore lol.

    • Yea well my answer is crap now. I don't even kno if I love him. things can change fast.

  • 6'1-6'7, Big pecs and strong arms. Tan and brod shouldered. Dark gorgeous eyes and dark brown hair. He's athletic and sensitive. He would be honest, mature, funny, confident but not overly confident and understanding. He would also be able to argue but forgive. He would love being active and lviing. He would have to like kids and my family would adore him. I want a guy to come cheer for me at my ballgames and swim meets and I would be able to come cheer for him at his events. He would have a desire for college and would know how and when I needed space. I want a guy who would be so proud to tell everyone that I was his girl. Most of all he would want to hold off on sex until we were able to take the risk. I want a guy who loves to live.

  • okay umm.. Loooks

    honestly doesn't really matter, but obviously everyone has a preference.. (naat really specific)

    Hair- if you look good with short hair that's a turn on, cause that means you have a nice face :P

    overall face- a cute smile and nice eyes. idfc what color. cute nose, I don't know why but I've always been into the nose thing :P

    overall body- as long as your in shape, I'm fine with whatever, obviously noone is gona have everything you want (6pac, big arms) so whatever, tanish- dark skin is my fave but who really cares, I don't expect anyone to go get skin cancer cause they feel the need to be darker .

    overall personality- #1.. adventurous ( likes to travel, loves animals, brave ), has goals in life.. but realistic ones, are book smart but don't let school get too much in the way of their life.. down to earth and easy to talk to, can see the real beauty in a girl. NOTTTT AN ASSHOLE

    obviously there is probably like 1 guy in the world like this. by the way this is just my dreaam guy, not like I'm not open for anything different

    • You just described myself and my entire friend base (with the exception of short hair and "realistic" goals).

  • - Intelligent

    - Funny

    - Easy-going

    - Kind

    - Generous

    - Always thinking of others

    - Doesn't realise how amazing he is

    - Can be a little bit protective over the ones he loves

    - Passionate

    - Romantic

    - Sweet

    - A little bit of a nerd

    - Tall, around 6ft mark

    - Dark hair

    - Cheeky smile

    - Has a job he loves

    - Likes to read a lot

    - Can speak another language (preferably French or Italian)

    - Likes to travel

    - Can play a musical instrument

    - Likes sports

    - Respectful

    - Close to his friends

    And most importantly:

    - Loves me for me

  • Conveniently for me I just wrote this out for another reason, so here's what I said:

    The most important thing to me, besides that he love me and I love him back, is that he be a good person. Into this category falls things like not being a criminal, not being into drugs, not cheating on people or lying about where he is. I'd like him to be a generally positive person. It's okay to be stressed sometimes, or to be upset when there's reason to be upset, or to even have a bad day, but ideally he'd generally be in a good mood, because it's a lot easier to deal with such a person, and they're more fun. He would be nice to me. I can't expect someone to be nice 100% of the time, but a thoughtful, sweet, affectionate guy who wouldn't intentionally say anything mean to me and would generally respond to me positively and not be dismissive or make me feel bad/insecure about myself. He would like me, be attracted to me, think positively of me in general, and tell me so. He'd be willing to talk about issues when they came up. I'd feel comfortable around him; he'd let me be myself without feeling judged. We'd work together well and get along generally, and have an undramatic relationship and he wouldn't start arguments for no reason, and when we did argue, he wouldn't get violent or super mad or break things. He would have generally compatible interests with me; we wouldn't have to like exactly the same things, but there'd have to be things we liked doing together for fun, and he wouldn't want to go out and party and get drunk all the time. He'd support me in my goals. He'd have the same general goals and expectations for our relationship as I do. He'd want to get married, eventually, stay together, have a few kids, have a life that's compatible with the life I want. He'd probably be an atheist. He would either make more money than me, or would think nothing of having me making more than him. He'd be smarter than me or at least not feel inferior if he felt like he wasn't.

    As far as looks, my ideal guy is taller than me (which doesn't take much), somewhere between 5'6" and 6'. He'd have dark hair, an inch or two long, light-colored eyes, and pale skin. I don't really care about people's bodies, but he'd not be muscular and not be fat (although if he was, that'd really not affect my decision). On the ridiculously-skinny side would be good with me. He'd like doing pretty low-key things, like playing pool, going to the movies, and going on walks, maybe things like rock-climbing or kayaking every once in a while.

  • He is sweet.



    Goofy but can be serious,

    Sense of style,

    Clean.(hair, clothes, ect.)

    Treats me like no other.

    Makes me blush,

    Keeps me smiling.

    Someone I can sit there with without any words and its normal.

    He introduces me too his friends.

    Isnt shy to say "this girl right here is my girlfriend"

    He does not need to be a sports freak,

    He doesn't have to be a doctor or make a lot of money, as long as he loves what he does and has a future in what he wants to do.

    Have pretty eyes, I prefer green or brown.

    i Adore guys who play guitar, if not have a good taste in music.

    He doesn't have to agree with me on everything but I prefer him to respect my opinions.

    Compliments me when I look bad.

    There for me when I need him.

    He needs to know what I like and don't like.

    Be honest,

    Someone I can trust.

    Someone he doesn't mind if my friends are annoying.

    He isn't shy.

    Holds me and loves me.

    i can laugh with him.

    Someone who excepts my flaws and loves me for who I am.

    He can tell me what's one his mind and if he needs me.

    Pretty much it (:

  • I've always been in love with the movies how the guy just sweeps her off her feet. but I never found it true. I always cry because somehow no matter how hard I try. I always get the worst relationship.

    The guy would have to be himself. Kind, sweet, funny, nice, smart, and maybe goodlooking(: best part. I often wonder what my perfect guy would be. I don't know because I haven't met him. and I hope one day I find him because right about now I feel like I'm left to wonder the earth alone forever. I just hope he respects me as I am. loves me as I am. Smiles and loves life with me. some girls maybe desperate like down below. but personally I'll take life as it comes. I've dated many players and bullsh*tters and some really sweet guys. some hott to. but I've always found out that I'm never happy because they are too clingy or ignore me. or cheat. or are emotionally abusive. and it hurts. I've been told more than once I'm ugly and why would anyone want to date me. and I'm starting to think they are right. and personally I love everything. jerks and bullsh*tters get dumpped on the spot...

  • Frankly looks don't matter at all! Of course I have a type that I find really attractive, but when it comes to the "perfect guy", it is not about looks! It is more about the way that he makes me feel when I am around him:

    1. I have to feel that he can protect me :). He can do some small gestures like if we are crossing the street hold me from my shoulder... that shoulder touch is a winner guys! But also physically, he has to be taller and bigger than me (not fat! that's a turn off)

    2. I have to feel that he is capable of taking care of me and a family. This is probably due to my age, but I wouldn't date a tree huger with no money, no job, no future plans... He has to know how to hold a job, has a career, makes enough money to start a family . Even tho I am not willing to marry him from day one, I wouldn't date if there is no potential there.

    3. Yes I am a mature adult, but when I am around him, I should feel like a child: happy and playful. Has to make me smile and laugh, doesn't have to be a class clown tho!

    4. Smart. We should be able to talk, not only feelings but about politics, economy, theatre, cinema, literature...

    5. I have to make sure he loves me for who I am, and not only for the looks. I want to feel comfortable next to him, don't stress about my short skirt, my hair, my make-up...

    For the looks: (again it is not as important, but just to give you an idea)

    1. Height: taller than me, but not a giant

    2. Weight: athletic. no fat. get in shape guys!

    3. Eyes, hair, skin: dark brown or green eyes , dark brown hair, kinda tanned healthy skin. No blond or blue guys, they look very cold.

    That's about it!

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  • Women women women... here bro... women see body language ... look up Alpha male body language and read about it... take yoga, watch Neanthertals see how everyman are goal orientated, have less mistakes, groom, workout, women love clean hands(wash your hands), use a loofa, take SPeech classes women love confidence, anything that stands out from all other males... be a rolemodel for men, set examples for children. everything that's positive in life... remember women always test a mans mind, remember to control all your emotions... don't read womens comments , they will just confuse you...seriously... I asked my girl cuzin for advice and you know what she tells me... I can't because it will be easy for you to get women... I told her I will find out... I learned from mistakes heartbreaks... remember have a positive thought about everything, If it's your sad or mad, those are just negatives, happy, joy, excitement, butterflies... bro I could go on just ask me alright..

  • ..what about the jerk qualities?

  • The longer the answer...the crazier the girl.

  • They want a douche with an enormous wang and a lot of money.

  • Shallowwwww

    • I don't think its shallow it just if you could pick your perfect guy its not like any of us expect any guy to meet these standard its just a what if question

  • Hopefuly the girls answers look like me. lol.

  • im looking foward to these , haha , someone should start a perfect girl one ?

    • They're availble by searching, dime a dozen.

    • Omg lol this is so funny because right after I posted my question on "THE PERFECT GIRL" I saw this.....haha

    • LOL