He's absolutely the perfect guy but he's not good looking, and broke!

I'm getting feelings for one of my guy friends and he's absolutely perfect in every way and great boyfriend material we connect so well! He's been wanting to date me ever since he met me last year, and is still asking to be my boyfriend. The only thing is he hardly makes any money and I don't find him attractive at all. Am I being shallow? Or should I just walk away. I really miss him when we don't talk =(


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  • im sure you'll find someone who is both attractive and WILL love you. maybe not today, but you shouldn't really have a relationship with someone you're not attracted to because it could lead to a sexless unhappy no sex marriage where you "understand" each other. but what's the fun in that anyways? and you're obviously on the fence about the whole thing. it just sounds like you really care for him now so you can't stand to hurt him like this. but hurting him isn't a good reason to lie about your feelings...just don't tell him you like him because you obviously wouldn't last because you don't really "like" him like that


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  • Sounds like he's best friend material. If there's no attraction you'll only end up unsatisfied in the relationship and either break up later on or worse, cheat. Romantic relationships require both attraction and affection. Either find a way to be attracted to him or don't bother getting in a relationship.

    • I guess so. It'll be hard to find another guy who I have such an amazing connection with though. It's like that finish-each-other's-sentences connection.

    • Try finding things to be attracted to about him. What don't you find attractive about him? It's my experience that almost all men can look attractive if they get in shape and wear nice clothing. Take for example Crazy, Stupid, Love. Steve Carrel looks disgusting in the beginning but the moment he put a nice suit on with a clean hair cut he suddenly looks approachable.

    • It's his face =/ His body's nice, but I pretty much only care about a guy's face anyway

  • Rich & broke is a roller coaster through the years

    but "ugly" and charming are forever ... not really.

    Advise you don't make retirement plans with him unless he can later afford a huge life insurance plan but

    he's a keeper, the spice of life that could be life friend ... or more.


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  • Why would you want to be with someone you don't find attractive? lol

    • cause most people don't understand me, and he does 100%, I never felt so loved and understood

      but on the other hand...like you said... I don't think he's attractive

    • well, I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with a person that I don't find attractive, it doesn't make sense.

    • true that sephora.

  • i think if you like him, his looks and moey shouldn't be an issue


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