Guys: seeing a girl without makeup for the first time...

You're interested in a girl. You see said girl without her usual makeup face on. What's the first thing that crosses your mind? Feel free to be completely honest! Personal stories are a plus : )
  • Wow, she looks beautiful.
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  • Oh, god, turn the lights off!
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  •'s whatever
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I looked at my friend one day when she didn't wear makeup (hadn't seen her like that since elementary) and the first thought that crossed my mind was "Godd**n! She's beautiful!" I wanted to tell her too, but I felt like I was too shy to do it. Wish I had, though. Would've made her day and in turn, mine too.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I am fine with no makeup...I am also fine with some makeup especially if she leaves her cheeks natural...I hate concealer, blush, foundation & bronzer../:/:/:

  • I generally only fall for girls that don't wear any make up or wear so little I can't even tell when it's off tbh lol.

  • Seen lots of girls with no makeup and I love them

  • Well it depends on the girl. To be honest most women could really use a good amount of makeup. There are few women I have seen that look good with out it. Some girls I have been interested in,= look almost scary without makeup and others beautiful. Personally I prefer beautiful women that don't have too wear makeup. I don't like kissing a women with lipstick and I get tired of cover up and other crap women have on their face.


What Girls Said 2

  • I thought my guy would think the worst seeing me with out it,but he doesn't seem to care even though I wear makeup most of the time.He still tells me often that I'm beautiful soooo...i believe him.

  • i just don't understand it because I have dark circles under my eyes. to be honest they are quite severe ones. my bitch of a friend calls me raccoon eyes. then again even without any makeup my eyes look all shadowy and not "washed out", but the dark circles make me feel awkward.

    i get a lot of guys telling me I'm pretty. I don't wear heavy makeup but I always cover my dark circles, and wear a little eye makeup but I get told it is pretty natural looking

    but everyone tells me I don't look too different without makeup on, though I feel like I do.

    • I have seen dark circles under females eyes and they are fine..sometimes even hot...BAGS are not good../:/:/:

    • I feel ya girl! I have reallllly dark circles under my eyes, too, so even when I wear no other makeup, I still put on under eye concealer. I'm self conscious about it.

      Taster: dark circles can be hot? Really?

    •'s not so much that the dark circles are hot as that they don't detract from an otherwise hot otherwise she is beautiful..AND she has dark hair & brown eyes & dark circles...make sense...they probably wouldn't add...they just don't take away...Who Said Dark Circles Were Unattractive? Certainly not me...):

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