What is a lingerie party?

My roommates were talking about going to one. What happens at a lingerie party?

Is it just a party for girls (like a slumber party?) or are guys invited to? Have any of you ever been to one?


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  • can be guys and girls, you just go in your lingerie instead of regular clothes. whatever happens after that..happens ;)

    • what do they guys wear? pajamas?

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    • So you've been to one?

    • I checked it out but I didn't stay personally. too self conscious to run around in my boxers only since half the people I didn't even know. my buddies stayed though

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  • There are two types of lingerie parties, as far as I'm aware.

    One type is like a Tupperware party or a purse party where a salesperson brings different types of lingerie their company is selling and you buy it directly from them or order from their catalog.

    Another type is like any old college party except girls are in lingerie and guys are in underwear.

  • had a few with my gfs. some were just us, and some had guys. it can be fun, but you def need to be comfortable with your body.