What does it mean if someone says you have a structured face?

i was hanging out with a girl friend and a guy that she and I have a class with. he was looking at my friend and said "you have such a soft feminine face. it's so pretty." my friend said "what about linda [me]?" and the guy turned to me and said "your face is structured. there's nothing wrong with it, it's OK, but it's not pretty."

what does that mean to have a structured face?


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  • Who knows what he actually means, he might just not find you as attractive and he's just trying to find something nice to say rather than hurt your feelings.

    But lets assume he was actually trying to compliment you; compared to your friend who he called "pretty" which usually means cute, or soft looking features, for you he used the word structured which could mean more solidly built, a stronger jaw, more pronounced cheek bones or a sharper nose maybe?


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  • I have an angular face too...it's more common to certain heritage, I think. Unfortunately, many men prefer the "cutesy" child-like look that many females retain. If you aren't lucky enough to have it, it sucks (speaking from experience), it's kinda a bummer ... but there are plenty of guys who do like the angular look as well. I've never had my pick of any guy I wanted, but I've never had a lack of interest, either.