Girls that do not like wearing skirts, can you explain why?

The question is above for you to answer. Thanks for the input.

What about long skirts? Like this one? link


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  • Another long answer from me, feel free to stop reading, now.

    Wear one for a day, or just around your house. Wearing skirts is like your walking in wet swim trunks.

    If you like it, try wearing it in public and you may get nasty comments but imagine if you were expected to wear it, pressured to wear it and still knew that at least once every few times you wore it,you'd get the same attention.

    One of the things most girls are taught from an early age is : "No jungle gym on skirt days" = constant awareness of exposure in skirts. So, many parents put us in leggings with skirts/ dresses.So, why not just wear pants?

    This is not every woman's point of view but it is many and you may find it irrational but it is not, it is my reality. It may be irrational for a male to feel this way because it would be against his experience.

    For me, there are more reasons not to wear a skirt/dress. I am trying to explain why.

    1st: For every male who loves women in dresses/skirts, there will be a wo/man saying " Of course she got r*ped. Look at what she was wearing." There is a lot of baggage tied up in the female wardrobe, especially for those who expect us to wear skirts/dresses. By 'baggage' I mean associations,assumptions,opinions,sexuality,eroticism,romanticism.

    As a male reader not being with me every moment of my Life you may find this unbelievable but EVERY time I wear a skirt/dress, I get unwanted attention. NOT complimentary ;not welcome;not "I-secretly-like-it-I'm-just-being -a-tease" or "I'm just-repressed "attention; No - it is UNWANTED attention.

    In my head, my wearing a dress is like a guy walking around his home in underpants,m. It's comfy and easy. To males, it's an invitation and an assumption that I am there for them to enjoy, not a human being who just wants to go about her day.I DO NOT mean ALL men but there will be at least one man for every 5 I pass who will make it a into a big deal and assume I want flirtations.

    It's embarrassing when hems fly up, which they always do, it is unwanted and disgusting when the strange men leer when that happens. It is upsetting when some men (NOT all) make no effort to hide their eyes searching my body as fabric presses against it in the breeze.

    The frustration of sweaty thighs, sometimes, twisted fabric sometimes, the ends flying up sometimes and the male gaze every time is more reasons not to wear a dress/skirt than the one reasons : easy on.

    Shorts/pants instead of Dresses/skirts:

    Of course we feel more exposed in a skirt, long or short than in shorts. No matter the material, in the 'right' ( or wrong) light they are transparent, they hang over our every curve outlining our behinds more than tailored bottoms like shorts. Shorts, however thin, have their own structure which covers up our bodies' actual shapes.Skirts and dress cling to us. Plus, even if there is no breeze, just movement forward causes them to cling to us in way that shows all to closely how we look in nothing at all.Slips barely hide much.

    • That answer makes me wonder why girls wear them at all, but some girls do wear them all the time so, I do not know.

    • Well, there is no one way to be nor any one reason to be one thing. I am surprised at the number of females on GAG who claim to notice only the positive aspects of gender identity so, I may not be able to ever understand women who wear them frequently. Skirts can be very comfy, escpecially at the beach. In many European cultures they are traditonal dress for men. Scotland, of course has kilts. Thanks for being curious instead of assuming understanding. Sincerely. (:

    • Your welcome.

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  • Long skirts are horrible, not sexy at all, unless you're going to a nun convention, I wouldn't wear them in a million years. I have the rest of my lifetime to wear them. Usually I don't wear skirts (unless its a party or beach where I wear miniskirts. I don't wear them because guys can be really disrespectful at times. I have long slender legs and like wearing skirts that end at my fingertips, but guys sometimes can't handle it lol. Also, with the wind it can get uncomfortable which is why I always wear safety shorts under them.

    • I like the long skirt on girls, but everyone has a different opinion. Do you wear shorts?

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    • What kind of comments?

    • Maybe not commentts, but when they point out our legs to their guy friends and just stare for as long as you are there (however only rude guys do this, not all, especially not in Europe where people are more discrete, but in Latin America, that's a WHOLE new story lol.) Usually its guys with not a high education,. I HATE it when they whistle. Or they call you babe where you going lol or stuff like that.

  • I just dislike the feeling of my thighs rubbing together so much.

    I also don't shave my legs very often at ALL, and I don't want to have to just so I can wear a skirt without people staring at me :P

    • So, I assume you do not wear shorts either?

    • I'm more likely to because at least there's no chafing :P But no, until I become more badass and stop caring about people's weird looks, I don't wear shorts.

  • Yep I don't wear shorts either just because I don't like to show my legs, if I had nice legs then I would wear both. I like that long skirt but it would not look good on me just a tall person.

    • why would it not look good on you?

    • Because I have fat ugly legs that people would be grossed out when they see them so I save them the pain by not showing them at all.

  • I'm more of a dress person and because of my height skirts are just too short on me and the longer ones make me look wider in the hips.

    • How tall are you?

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    • skirts start at your hip while a dress like glides over them if that makes any sense. its a different cut. skirts are just..weird idk

    • I guess it does.

  • I'll never ever wear skirts, My mom told me to wear one many times and I did ages ago just to not make her get upset at me for not wearing one but then she gave up and let me be because I do not like it, I don't have even one skirt in my closet.

    I hate it with passion, especially those type of skirts. I am too skinny to wear skirts, makes me look skinnier and I feel ugly in it, Well I wear what I like, not what others like.

    I know some women who looks so good with it, especiall those skirts link



    and some are even skinnier but I personally don't see myself wearing one, Ever.

    • I wasn't specifically talking about long skirts, I just wanted to see if people had a different opinion on longer ones, since I assumed they though I was just talking about shorter skirts. Never heard of someone being to skinny to wear skirts.

    • Any skirt, doesn't matter, I told you that I don't have even one skirt in my closet long/short or whatever I'll never wear one and just feel that way when I wear skirts and it is hard to move with it/sit/ run and so much, very annoying.

  • I'm short & have short legs so a skirt like that would cause me to look frumpy and they're terrible looking

    I don't wear skirts because for the most part I'm not very fond of my legs. My legs are too bulky and 'masculine' looking in my opinion (similar to these): link

    Granted I wear 'short' shorts every now and then but I'm still not comfortable with wearing shorts or skirts or dresses

  • I look better in skinny jeans

  • @ the update - HELL NO! lol

    if I have to wear a skirt or something that show my legs it will be short.

    but I just use skirts if I wanna impress someone. I don't like to show the most awesome part of my body to everybody else.


    it's not always comfy to wear.

    • When you put wanna impress someone, I assume you mean on a date, right?

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    • But you show off your legs to everyone with your profile pic. The irony,lol.

    • a bit... lol

      but it's not like every one of my (real) friends can actually see it here :P

  • Not my style although I look good in them because I have nice long legs I just don't like them same with dresses. Feel exposed XD

    • Do you wear shorts?

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    • But shorts are connected between the legs skirts are not.

    • Why not wear longer skirts, like knee length then?

  • I personally do not like to wear skirts because I feel like my stuff is hanging out lol .

  • My legs are too thick. And I wouldn't look right. I don't wear shorts either

    • In any kind of skirt?

  • I don't like the limited movement involved with wearing a skirt

    I don't like the possibility that people can lift them up to see what's under them

    I don't like the feeling of them -- I feel naked

    I don't like the look of them

    I don't like the fact that they make me appear really feminine

    I don't like the stereotype that goes with them

    I don't like their patterns

    I don't like them cause you can't ride a horse very well in them

    I don't like the look of me in them -- as a tomboy, I think I look extremely awkward in them

    I don't like the looks I get from guys when I wear a skirt

    I don't like the fact that you can't wear T-shirts with them

    Just a few ideas.

    • You put "I don't like the stereotype that goes with them", what do you mean?

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    • That's too bad.

    • I really don't mind. I'm not raised to be feminine.

  • i just like not having to worry about people seeing my underwear and I don't like how I look in them

    • You don't like how you look in any kind of skirt?

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    • the long skirt?

    • haha nah I wouldn't like how it looks on me

  • it could be a number of reasons.


    remembering that you have that skirt

    exposure of any parts not meant to be seen by others

    looks from guys


    self conscious

    weather conditions

    • The second one is funny.

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    • when you are doing something like a activity like a sport you kind of wish you didn't wear one.

    • Did that happen to you?

  • Insecurities with legs.

    • What if they wear shorts, but do not like wearing skirts then?

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  • Idk, I would totally wear a kilt.

  • I don't understand why many girls dislike skirts. You have a choice of trousers or skirts while men are almost always obliged to wear trousers. I would love to wear a skirt and for it to be acceptable in public. I do wear a skirt at home and love the freedom it gives me. I suppose there is a feeling of vunerability but I like the lack of restriction