All his exes look the same?

I was looking at a pic of my man's ex, and she looks quite a bit like me, I am kinda confused by this, especially since we even have similar names, is he trying to replace her with a look a like (me), so he won't miss her? or is he just attracted to a certain type of woman?


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  • Well he's probably just attracted to a certain type of girl, for example me I like short girls and hair color doesn't really matter. If my girl looks like she could be my exes sister yeah probably not going to go for her. My friends have said dude all your exes look alike, and I say sorry I have thing for beautiful women.

    Here's another example, I dated this one girl she was tiny like 108 lbs, 5'4 or something, brunette, very sweet girl, well things didn't work out, so a week later I met another girl who was also tiny 108 lbs about 5'3-5'4, very sweet, now I wasn't looking for a girl that looked like the first one, but I was attracted to this one and as I got to know her better it was weird she was almost exactly like the first girl they even kind of looked alike, but in my mind I wasn't comparing the two, I was just attracted to that type of girl, and they both happened to look alike by coincidence. And the current girl I like is also 5'4, probably 108lbs but her face doesn't look similar to the other girls, she actually looks a lot like a girl I dated back in highschool, wow this is getting weird the more I think about it. But seriously it is all just coincidences.


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  • very interesting. what does his mother look like? freudian psychology could be the answer, but that's arguably bull shit. some guys just have certain physical types, like me for example. I have a general preference for a certain physical type, but there are always exceptions. I don't think he's trying to replace anyone with you, he's just attracted to girls with your body type, style, attitude. if he talks about one ex in particular then that is a different issue.


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  • I had this happen just over a year ago.. this guy and I were off and on for a long while. then we both kinda decided to be totallly off but he kept acting very interested in wanting a relationship but would deny it when I confronted him on it, or admit to it but say I was the one person he never wanted to hurt. ultimately he hurt me several times in many ways.

    oddly though after this his very next girlfriend had the same name as me and the girl after her looked like me almost to a T. it was odd and even mutual friends would point it out and say he'd talk forever about me. there were times where he'd say he liked everything about me except that I was too small a girl for him but the girls he dated after me were even smaller.

    i think subconsciously it's possible there are similarities bt you and the new girlfriend which make him either attracted to her or comfortable around her.