Ugly guys creepy=hot guys charming/romantic. Agree or Disagree?

agree or disagree?

The thoughtful romantic gestures of an unattractive guy makes a girl feel uncomfortable because she cannot see herself being engaged romantically with the guy.

But if a hot guy does the exact same thing, it would look romantic, charming or cute/funny. This is OK because she would see her self being romantically involved with the guy.

Do you think this is true?

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I just want to point out that so far, women and men completely disagree with each other on this topic.

The main difference is, men may have experienced it or know someone that has, so they are better suited to properly answer this question.

Where as women, who are the givers of the label of creepy, seem to think their use of the word is justified.

Great video from CUDDLE MUFFIN


start video at 1:18

This was made later. Perfect example!


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  • Of course this is true.

    Half the stuff you see guys do in romantic movies to get a girls attention would get him slapped/mazed/arrested/restraining ordered in real life, especially if the guy was not attractive.

    If a hot guy sings in front of a girls window in de middle of the night, it's romantic. If an ugly guy does it, it's creepy.

    Hard to get - very dangerous. Girls keep saying you should chase her. But they don't consider the possibility that an -unattractive- guy might not get the difference between 'hard to get' and 'rejection'. Also, some attractive guys might be scared of by 'hard to get' because they think that 'no is no', yes, I'm talking about the good guy.

    Stopping a wedding. Extremely romantic if you are the cutest, sweetest man alive and she's marrying a jerk. All other cases, creepy as f***.


      "Girls frequently use the word "creepy" as a euphemism for "ugly" when telling their friends about some dude who hit on them because they don't want to sound shallow."

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    • This is so true

    • so true girls at school call me creepy because of my jew nose my voice and i don't know what

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What Girls Said 13

  • It is completely true. Although I have not had this experience personally, I believe it to be extremely true. Sure, some guys are creepy. But appearence should have nothing to do with it. And in reality, it does. Many girls will say it doesn't because they don't want to sound like horrible people but let's face it. (sorry guys, rom-com references here) Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic- when he watches Rose come down the stairs before the dance/dinner (sorry, forgot what it was). It's cute the way he looks at her because "they are in love" and he's hot. But imagine, in his place Al Pacino (older). That cuteness is now creepy. In Pretty Woman- when Edward Lewis (sure Richard Gere's not the cutest guy alive, but he's not that bad) climbs up Vivian's fire escape with roses. Again, romantic because he's decent looking. But now imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger doing that exact same thing. Kinda creepy. Westley in The Princess Bride (amazing movie and insanely hot actor). When Buttercup is about to kill herself after the wedding and she holds up the dagger to her chest and Westley says something about how "there is a shortage of perfect breasts in the world and it would be a pity to damage hers." Creepy line but cute and funny because (once again) insanely hot actor. Could Justin Beiber or Mike Myers pull that one off? No. Why? Because they are not hot enough.

    My point is that all those romatic things are done by hot actors. Therefore it's sweet and cheesy and amazing and cute. Any ugly (sorry) guy who attempts those things is creepy BECAUSE they are not hot enough to "pull it off".

    If ANY guy takes a girl's favorite part of a romantic movie (or the thing a girl would consider the most romantic thing a guy could do) and tries to do that, it's going to end badly. Every girl has her expectation on these romantic things and if the real guy isn't as attractive as the imaginary guy, the real guy is a creep.

    • Your last paragraph was perfectly said. That is exactly what I was thinking after reading the bulk portion.

      Except I might add that normal guys use Romantic Comedies as what they are supposed to be doing. When in actuality, what they are supposed to be doing is be more attractive.

  • When the guy is hot an he keeps going after the chick he will become creepy at some point.

    But if the guy is unattractive he is automatically creepy after trying once or twice.

    Not to mention, good looking men know for a fact they can find someone else so they wouldn't go after girls for a long time, if she's not interested then she's not interested.. But ugly looking men will try ll the way because they know for a fact they will be rejected by others too so they might as well go for the one they actually want.

    Id rather be with a guy who is good looking and treat me good than be with an ugly man who treats me like a queen...

    They treat you like a queen because they know they won't do better and they know that their only chance is to make you love them so you see beyond their looks.

    But what annoys me is that even if the guy is not good looking he wouldn't even try to be good looking, perhaps going to the gym, new hair cut, losing weight.. etc.. I am not going to date an obese guy or a guy with an ugly face, not cause am shallow because I want to wake up feeling comfortable next to my man and not be scared and would want to go back to sleep..

    Ive got an ugly fat creepy stalker who doesn't wanna lose hope.. Looks isn't everything but he can at least TRY!

    Beauty comes from within but a little work on the surface doesn't hurt anyone hey!

    • I´m a ugly looking guy and i don´t think geting a fit body will change a lot becuse most girls i think don´t date guys who are ugly looking with fit bodies. For me this doesn´t make sence. Either girls will find you ugly, not caring about you having a fit body or they will just become even more attracted to you. Either you are born ugly or you are attractive. If you don´t have a good looking face then it mean basiclly single forever.

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo is a prime example of this , Quasimodo, the hunchback, is absolutely in love with Esmeralda. She thinks he's sweet but is scared and repulsed of his face. She still wants Phobeus ,the egotistical attractive guy , despite Quasimodo treating her far better.

    It's true very true. I don't date myself but I've seen others go after the "hot" guy. Believe me, there are creepy cute guys too, girls just don't want to open their eyes.

    • This comment gives me hope. Thank you. I've been called ugly a couple times, I have never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl and I am 19. I have plenty of good looking female friends but they are all way out of my league.

    • I'm very glad that it dose. Keep your head up man!

  • This is absolutely true and don't listen to the girls saying otherwise. They must be out of touch with their true feelings to say otherwise.

    My ex was perverted and sexually forceful...rude and an all around jerk. But I never considered him creepy because I was attracted to him...when in reality he was super creepy.

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    • Yes, it's easy to say that when you're not in the relationship. -_-

    • kereru, what you are saying goes against what seems to happen with 99% of other women. So either you are lying, or you are the missing link.

  • There are guys that look fine but are unappealing to me.

    Looks don't make up for a foul attitude, a lowly personality etc.

    Comes back to the "whole package concept" because it is WAY MORE than one thing.

    Attractive people do have an ADVANTAGE FOR SURE...but some attractive people have serious draw backs.

    Some people are going to try to be politically correct on this and try not to sound shallow.

    This is a harsh and shallow world. Good looking people are more likely to be confident because they get better reception from others---they are used to be treated well. So they are naturally more comfortable in social situations.

    This does come down to mating in the end...people don't want to mate with the unattractive.

    There are some good looking guys that suck in bed...good looking guys that are not great people...

    Too bad this is not a world in which everybody finds love and acceptance for who they are...just the way they are...RIGHT...most of us do want to live in that world...but it doesn't really exist...just fact of life.

    • I am guessing what you are saying in all of this is that you are willing to admit that you give attractive guys more attention and allow them to do creepy things and you find it cute?

      Otherwise I am confused. The question here is if attractive guys do totally creepy things but it is cute coming from them, where as an unattractive guy can do the same thing and it be creepy?

      It seems to me you believe my first guess.

  • Yes I completely agree.

    Here is a funny video...

  • The only time it becomes 'creepy' from anyone is if I tell someone I have no interest but he keeps trying anyway...makes me feel like he's a bit obsessive. Therefor I picked B, because even a 'hot' guy can turn creepy with too much persistance.

  • Not at all! Any guy that has ever creeped me out, has been good looking.

    I notice when less attractive guys try to ask a girl out, they tend to be more nervous and mess up what they're trying to say. But that's usually endearing, not creepy :)

  • Its true even tho I been a model I always dated short guys, overweight guys, not so good lookin guys but what I've noticed is tht a lot of thse guys are conceited and think they can treat a chick like a floor rag ey I neva jst go afta looks I always look 4 smething in ur mind.cse the mind intrigues me.but ths whole thing of not so cool guys being betta is utter bullshit I think hey.not2 sound shallow but a lot of the hotter guys have suprisingly been cooler, sweeter, kinder and not arrogant at all and I've actually formed sme gr8 friendships in the process 2 they also very focused and dedicated in wateva they do despite what they may lOok like so yes it varies person 2 person but I'm actually betta suited2 prince charmin who loves me exactly 4 the person I am.and yes I'm not shallow ths is from a very personal experience : D

    • If you were a model and wrote like this, I would probably not date you. I am not trying to troll or be mean, but how are you 30-35 and write like a teenager?

    • LOL See people, this is why I try to correct you on your grammar. So this right here doesn't happen to you someday.

  • If I don't like you, and you hit on me, I'm not interested. If you continually make moves on me when I'm not interested, I'm going to get either annoyed or creeped out. If I don't like you, don't act like you're my boyfriend because I will not like it nor am I obligated to like it.

    Prime example: If your fantasy woman got naked in front of you, you'd get horny. If this woman link got naked in front of you, perhaps you'd feel differently?

    I do decide who is creepy and who isn't if the situation involves me and the actions are directed at me. Please don't insinuate that I can't interpret my feelings properly because I'm a woman, and that a guy would know better about who really creeps women out than a woman. It's on the presumptively misogynistic side and that isn't really charming or romantic.

    • Based on your second paragraph, you are giving a different scenario.

      If a super sexy women got naked in front of me, and she was a bitch, I would think she is a bitch. If the really fat women in the picture got naked in front of me and she was a bitch, I would think she is a bitch.

      For women if a hot guy got naked in front of you, and he was creepy, you would think he is hot. if an ugly guy got naked in front of you, and he was creepy, you would ONLY think he was creepy.


  • Sadly, this is true from what I have seen. But it also works the other way around. If two girls are standing by each other and one is fat and the other is skinny, the guy almost always goes for the skinny girl.

    • This is the important difference here.

      If both girls are bitches...

      the guys will not call the fat girl a bitch and not the skinny girl!

      Girls do the opposite, they reward attractive guys for doing things that they find creepy in less attractive guys!

      Your comparison does not equal at all.

    • I agree, nothing to do with what he presented. lol

  • Some guys really CAN be creepy. Even cute ones!

    it seems like a lot of creepy guys are the ones who are secretly pissed off at the world but try to hide it or the ones who think they are entitled to sexual favors from a girl because they found her attractive. In response to your second part -- men probably haven't had the same experiences as women have with guys being forceful trying to get sexual access or the type who just like to prove to females that they are bigger and more powerful. Do you have a sister or close female cousin?

    • I have a sister.

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    •, grown women still call creepy guys creepy. Arguing that creepy guys don't exist is silly.

    • I completely agree, creepy guys do exist.

      I am just saying, that 99% of the time the word has been uttered by a female, it has been used out of context. It has been used to explain some cute romantic action that an unattractive guy did.

      For example:

      "Hey Rebecca, remember that guy that we met at the bowling alley last week? Well, this week he came to our table with french fries and a cup. The cup had my name on it and his phone number and name. That is so creepy!"

  • Disagree. Some of the creepiest guys I've known were average to good looking.

    And I think that guys claiming that girls are unjustified to be put off by individual guys is a cop out to justify acting in a way that makes girls uncomfortable.

    Guys who are ugly might get branded as being "annoying" more easily, if they try over and over after a girl rejects him, where as a girl might be exasperated by a persistant guy who is better looking, but more tolerant of his continuous attention.

    But a creepy guy generally involves an undercurrent of anger, hidden dislike of women or forceful sexuality that women pick up on. Obviously, a really good looking person is going to get away with more bad behavior -- this is true for men or women, and also among their peers of the same sex. Good looking people DO get more breaks in life from everyone, it's proven.

    However, just because a girl calls a guy creepy doesn't mean she dislikes him because he's ugly or even that he is, in fact, ugly.


What Guys Said 17

  • It's true .When we are attracted to someone we tend to not notice or excuse their flaws or we give them more chances to impress. No one wants unwanted attention. I think that it is rude to use the word "creep"in these kind of situations. Girls are always telling us to grow a set and when an unattractive guy does it's seen as creepy. Why can't more girls just be flattered by the gesture and respectfully decline the boys advances

  • That, has been mostly been my experience. Even well intentioned compliments creep women out who think the giver is ugly. Hell, merely being ugly puts a guy 80% into being labelled a creep off the bat. And not with things like flirts and compliments, I can't even go in public with my stepdaughter without getting nasty suspicious looks.

    On the other hand, my old man could do and say the lamest, stupidest stuff and women would swoon over him just for saying it.

  • It's a rather sad truth, and women don't really seem to question it.

    They go insane if someone is repulsed by an overweight girl. But then if a less-than-attractive guy approaches them, they aren't afraid to use the same stereotype to call his behaviors creepy and predatory.

    Hypocrisy, I say.

    And it's a much worse scenario than weight. Some guys actually risk legal action for gestures that would have been more than welcome from a stud. Meaning they aren't judging the actions themselves, they're judging the person, and doing it based on appearances alone.

  • I asked a ? similar to this about 2 months ago...and I agree with your poll.

    Girls do this so much out of reflex that they don't know they're doing it, but nonetheless, if a dude is (to her standards) unattractive, she is more likely to label any bold or "ballsy" cold-approach, as being "creepy".

  • I wrote a blog on Facebook about this topic here it is:

    Handsome guys vs Ugly guys

    When Handsome Guy behaves differently he is called mysterious,

    When an Ugly Guy behaves differently he is called weird.

    When a handsome guy is considerate, he’s being sensitive or a gentleman,

    When an ugly guy is considerate, he wants something from you.

    When a handsome guy is playing a guitar, he’s being talented,

    When an ugly guy plays a guitar, he is trying hard to impress the girls.

    When a handsome guy uses a big SLR camera, that is just his hobby,

    When an ugly guy uses an SLR, he’s being a stalker.

    When a handsome guy looks at a girl as she walks by he is a player,

    When an ugly guy looks at a girl as she walks by he is a pervert.

    When a handsome DOES NOT look at a girl as she walks by he is called a gentleman,

    When an ugly guy DOES NOT look at a girl as she walks by he is called a homo.

    When a handsome guy visits a girl at her work he is romantic

    When an ugly guy visits a girl at her work he is a stalker.

    When a handsome guy is intelligent with a photographic memory he's called "savvy and sophisticated",

    When an ugly guy is intelligent with a photographic memory he's called "Rainman".

    When a handsome guy dances to a song on the radio he is "fun to be with"

    When an ugly guy dances to a song on the radio he is "a weirdo or a spaz"

    When a handsome guy compliments a female co-worker it's called flirting,

    When an ugly guy compliments a female co-worker it's called sexual harrassement

    When a handsome guy draws naked pictures of women, it’s just art.

    When an ugly guy draws naked pictures of women, he’s just a pervert

  • This is largely true. A guy who is very good looking can get away with all kinds of behavior that would make a girl feel uncomfortable if an uglier guy acted the same way. Girls frequently use the word "creepy" as a euphemism for "ugly" when telling their friends about some dude who hit on them because they don't want to sound shallow.

    • I can't decide whether your euphemism explanation is the best or DutchAthiest's wedding analogy is the best.

  • That's pretty true for most women till they turn like 30. It's tough if you're ugly because if you approach women with women, they get creeped out and complain to their friends about why a hot guy didn't approach instead. If you don't because you're aware of these things then you lack confidence and self-esteem.

  • nah, appearance is important but when you have touched someone's emotions, they will love you the way you are.

    • your avatar goes perfectly with this statement.

      Except, you must not know what you are talking about regarding the topic.

  • Ha, I was actually talking to a girl about this same thing a couple months ago. lol

    The ugly guy gets called a creep, the hot guy does the same damn thing and doesn't. lol


  • i agree all the way

    • Thanks. It seems most of the women do not want to believe this.

  • I think you should replace creepy with a girl she's not attracted to or one she doesn't likes. And change a hot guy with attractive or one she likes. Then you have a correct statement

    • Honestly, I think my original way was perfect, but for some reason GAG changed it.

      I wrote

      "Ugly guy's creepy=hot guy's charming/romantic"

      The grammar makes all the difference.

  • i would have to say you are right

  • its true my amigo

  • It's true.

  • Shallow society be shallow

  • Nail, meet hammer.

    If a woman's not attracted to the guy, anything he does is undesirable. If she's attracted to him, then those very same actions, performed in exactly the same way and manner, will be considered desirable.

    It's not just women, though. We guys do exactly the same damn thing.

    • I disagree with the last sentence. Myself, and I imagine all the rest of the straight male population do not like advances from ugly chicks. But we don't get an advance from an ugly girl, and say she was molesting me or a bitch. Maybe we will say she is a hoe or a slut. If a hot women advances on us, we will accept it, and not call her a bitch of molesting us. But we will STILL call her a hoe.

      We don't change our definition of a women's personality based on their attractiveness.

  • When an ugly guy approaches a girl (especially if he has no sense of humor or confidence), it will turn the girl off, no doubt. Girls actually feel rejected when approached by ugly guys. Why is this? It is proof in her mind that her current looks are attracting less attractive people. A girl that gets hit on a lot by unattractive guys is going to have a lot of doubts about herself. As a guy, if you're average or below average, you need to be packing some serious heat in the humor or confidence department.

    • I agree mostly, except for guys below average, even confidence and humor can't stop the creep factor.

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    • well my experience, I learned to find the types of women who found my features attractive and that's worked for me.

    • Good deal, not everything is a one-size-fits all.

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