What do men see in tall women? No offense of course.

I know we all have different preferences, and again no offense to tall women, But could any of you fellas that love tall women enlighten me and give me an explanation a good explanation too, not just a, just one of those things types of answers, as to why you would be physically attracted to tall women. Granted there are plenty of tall beauties, But their are plenty of short beauties too. Who are just as Elegant and confident and with the right heels can make themselves just as tall, when they want and go back to being short when they take their heels off. So tall and short women can almost tie in the desirability factor, except for a couple of things. Short women get picked up and carried around. Tall women don't get that luxury. not that men are too weak,it just doesn't happen for them. Just like short women get more affection in other ways such as being hugged and cuddled etc. It just doesn't happen as much for tall women. It's also been said that short women are more pleasing in bed because men can maneuver them around more easily. So that's my question what are your answers.


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  • "Short women get picked up and carrried around"...so do tall women. just because a girl is tall doesn't mean that she's too heavy to be picked up. it happens more than you think.

    "Just like short women get more affection in other ways such as being hugged and cuddled etc"...so a girl being tall means that she's allergic to being hugged, cuddled, etc? being tall doesn't make her less desirable to hug & it doesn't make her harder to hug/cuddle.

    "It's also been said that short women are more pleasing in bed because men can manaeuver them around more easily"...again, this statement is untrue.

    you're quite biased & ignorant when it comes to this...

    • Hey I'm Just going by what I've seen and heard. But maybe tall ones do get carried more than I think, but answer me this, do the tall ones get picked up without having to ask or hint at being picked up, the truth now?

    • yeah. guys just pick you up and throw you over their shoulder to mess around haha

    • Do they do the threshhold cradle carry, without having to preplan it with their bride before hand, just sweep her up unanounced and does he have to be a great deal taller than her?

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  • I would also like to know because I only find girls who are shorter than me attractive.

  • Tall women are far more attractive in my opinion. There are just so many advantages, for example:

    - long legs

    - more presence (no offense to short women, but when a beautiful tall woman walks into a room, all eyes are on her)

    - sort of regal beauty

    - for a tall guy like me sex is better with a tall woman, more positions are available, everything fits

    - being with a tall girl is more practical - kissing, taking a shower, making out - no awkward bending etc...

    - they make a better arm candy

    - they are more elegant.

    I don't know where you got the idea that short women get more hugs or that they're more pleasing, I hug women that are warm and affectionate, nothing to do with height.

    • Where I got the idea that short gets more affection is because short has gotten more affection

  • I guess they look "more" elegant.

  • At 6'1 a taller girl is just more practical in terms of being intimate. Taller girls are also less cute in my eyes and more pretty in a mature womanly way as opposed to a fun adorable way. Not saying that short girls can't be like this or that tall girls can't be cute.

  • I'm 6'6".. so short doesn't work for me

    • o.k. bu maybe you just haven't fallin in love with that stuning short woman. One you would be carrying around whenever you wanted. Don't tell me that's what you typically do with tall ladies, If you do then you are truly an exception to the rule.

    • If I can get a BJ while she's standing, that works for me.

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  • I am confused at what the original poster said about tall girls never getting carried around. As a girl just under 5"10", I am always called "cute" by people and a lot of guys like to pick me up because I'm light. :) If you're tall with a petite build, men treat you like you're delicate. In my case, anyway. Remember that to a lot of men, 5"10" isn't really that tall.

    But to address your concerns, yes, shorter women can be very elegant. Natalie Portman, Audrey Hephburn, etc. were/are petite in height and they look very elegant.

    I think it has more to do with the individual guy. I think most men like both types. Though as a tall thin female, I have learned very early on in life (I was 5"6" at age 11) that a lot of men have a thing for leggy girls. But that doesn't mean they don't like shorter women!

  • Where did you get your facts from? For the record I'm short very short. But I don't understand how you can say that it's like why do men like blondes. They just do.

  • I like being able to look up at a tall beautiful woman personally.

  • My boyfriend likes tall women and he can't describe why, but he is more attracted to them. Most guys don't really think about why they are attracted to a certain type, they just know they are.

    Many tall women CAN be picked up too and a mismatch in height leads to more sexual challenges than someone being tall or short...so I'm not sure all about all that.

    Are you tall and feeling glum?

    Short and feeling left out?

    Either way, there will be a guy who is fine with your height.

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