Wearing a kilt, with no knickers...any guys have an issue with this?

I plan on wearing a kilt for St. Patrick's day, with no--you know. I have a boyfriend and I don't know how he'll react, considering we're going to a party.

A chick friend of mine told me that it was a bad idea, but I'd like to keep the tradition of wearing a kilt on this day alive (my dad does this), considering this is my first year and the reason why I bought a kilt.

Do any guys think that wearing a kilt with no underwear is a bad idea? Do you guys think my boyfriend will get mad? Or is it kind of a turn on?


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  • No. I have my own kilt I wear and yes I wear it true Scotsman style. For a guy that is potential problems at the bars but people will think you are awesome. You should wear your family's colors but oh well.

    • I'm part of the Innes (Mitchell) and Shaw Clans, which is all my dad's fault. XD

      I plan on wearing my family tartan, the Innes tartan. ^_^

    • Ah, that sounds very good lass. You will represent your family well. Scotsman style = commando.

What Girls Said 1

  • If he's protective of you, he may not appreciate the idea of you not wearing underwear where there's going to be other guys around. If it's a serious relationship, he will most likely not like the idea of it. Do you HAVE to go commando?Why not ask of his opinion?

    • Going commando is technically tradition, I would wear some kind of undergarment if I was going to be dancing in the kilt obviously. I'll probably ask before I do, after all, he is quite the jealous type.

    • AHhhh I didn't know that. It's good to see someone young with a passions to follow the tridition. I respect that. Good luck discussing it with your boyfriend. I hope he's very understanding even if he's the jealous type. lol.

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