If you are honey brown skin tone a little lighter than caramel skin would that be tanned skinned?

I am a black creole woman and when I go to the store for makeup it be like the next color from a fair beige color makeup. So I was wondering would that be tanned skinned or its the same thing along with caramel.


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  • I suggest trying different brands that practically blend with almost any shade of skin. Try brands like: MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, CoverGirl, Iman, Fashion Fair. Those brands have a large array of shades. Also consider the type of coverage you want or require. Personally I prefer pressed powder or loose powder as oppossed to the liquid. To me the powders are easier to blend. Loose & pressed powders dnt last as long but feel super light on the skin. you will need to use a primer first to hold makeup longer

    • Ok Thanks! I am going to have to try that out! Thanks for the info!

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  • Maybe. - Caramel complexion is more natural.

    Tanned skinned - You have to go tanning to get that tone.

    • That's the thing I don't tanned, but I am lighter than caramel, say like eva pigford is caramel and I am little lighter than her but with an honey glow, what would you consider that to be. Like I am going to give you links of eva pigford and me.

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    • I know what you mean! Especially, during the changing seasons. The skin tone never stays the same. -.-" Always lighter during the Winter time and darker during the Summer.

    • Yeah I have notice that too,I remember one time I got lighter in the winter & here I am trying to find the make up what is best for my skin, I couldn't try the browns they have was too dark and the lighter shades were too light like a beige, so I chose the beige thinking that was going to match w/my skin tone knowing I got honey hue to my skin, I looked so awkward with that on,my mom said omg you are so pale &that's when I decided to stop wearing make up, because I didn't know how to choose.lol

  • You could if you don't like saying light brown

    • Ok Thanks! I thought it didn't make no sense when they both mean the same.

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