What does it mean to be called good looking?

im 15 and I have been seeing this guy

he told me that one of the reasons he likes me is because I am "good looking"

what does this mean?

is it better to be called cute or good looking at this age?

if I call him hot, he calls me hot after


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  • are you seriously serious?

    if he says your good looking, then

    he thinks your good looking, meaning

    he doesn't think you are bad looking,

    which means to look bad


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  • "good" is a vague word. Kind of like bad. Good to one person could be bad to another.

    But generally good means he approves of you. Wither it be your personality, figure, etc. He doesn't think your wrong for him, or are wrong in what you do.

    Cute means to be like, um... adorable. I'm not sure exactly xD


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  • naw -

    c he finds you attracted in ur own waies;

    na he loves the way you look

    and luvs you 4 de wai you r

    guys call gurls al diffrent things

    dependin on the guyy...

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