Girls and Boys: Why don't skater boys like African American girls?

i am African American look at my picture how come you skaters or any hollister and ambercombie boys sorry to stereo type but how come you guys don't look at black girls do you think we are ghetto ? are we not cute? TOO thick ? what ? thanx bye


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  • allrite... well I'm a model for Dynasty Modeling & Talent Agency in Boston Massachusetts... and let me tell you a few things about the "Ambercombie" type of guys.

    To begin with... NO most of us DO-NOT like THICK-N-GHETTO. Why? because for you to be with us, first of all you need to be on our level. Why? because if I present myself with someone who is starting arguments, or talking bout how PHAT her ass is, how do you think that will make ME look? not good at all.

    Yes call it stuckup, but then again, wtf do you expect were damn models to begin with... It's nothing to do with the race, because I am more then sure there's black girls out there I would starve to date... but THOSE are the type that fit into my category on "MY LEVEL" as you would say...

    You don't approach me with that ghetto ass attitude and expect me to be all nice and warm up 2 you. PERIOD. ill look at you as nothing more then a booty call and average chick I can "HOLLA @" anytime I would wish.

    therefore image is the answer to you're question. I'm not gunna look nice and with someone like you on my side, that's an image ruiner. step on my level so you can play with me. ain't nothing to do with race.

    • As long as it's not about race, I'm cool wit ure standard. on fact, you lmost sound like me. ;)

    • i model and skate had a couble black gf but what you said is a just a load of crap man come on you're generalizing a whole race for shown on tv in my profession and in college (studying because a lot of models are just stuck up prettyl gossipy assholes that piss me off in this profession and you look to be the embodiment of those really judgmental type of douche

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  • I think if you are interested in a skater kind of guy that you should learn about the different stuff that guys that skate do and the different types of moves simply just learn about skating in general. That might make him notice you more because it is different and would make him think that you are not like the stereotyped african american girl that does not like skating or does not know about it.

  • i think you may want to look at how you are interacting with them...i don't think that skater boys don't like african american girls but if you believe that then that's how it will work out. can you go give me your opinion on my latest question?

  • Depends on the guy I have friends who like black girls and friends who dont,im white and I'm a skater and I'm attracted to black girls more than I am to white.


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  • I think what makes a guy be into you are common interests, especially at your age. It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with your attitude, your style and your lifestyle.

    And coming from myself who only dated sk8ers (lol) in high school, here's some examples of how I was back then (still kind of am in a sense)

    I gained the nick name Betty from my style. I would wear cute little halter tops, a white tennis skirt with white circas with pink laces.

    I skateboarded

    I really think that it has mostly to do with the style, not to say wear exactly what I did but I still to this day wear various skateboard company t-shirts and skate shoes.

    Why don't you find a guy you think is cute, switch up your wardrobe a bit, and go ask him to teach you how to skateboard. That's how I learnt actually lol, then when guys see that you have common interests, you can go from there.

  • It has little to do with race, and EVERYTHING to do with how you present yourself. When I was in high school, my first boyfriend was gothic and I dated two skaters. My current involvement is a guy who is a black metal/neofolk producer.

    I'm African-American. The difference is that I'm typically classified as whitewashed - I not only grew up in white suburbia, I became who I am while living in Hawaii. I've dated guys of all races, but I seem to attract white guys the most.

    As for your appearance, it doesn't matter how "thick" you are, so long as you're taking care of yourself and are easy on the eyes. Every guy has his preferences and it differs between them all, but if you look good, then you look good. I've definitely got a ghetto booty to complement what curves I do have, and every guy I've been with has loved the way I look.

    Instead of being loud and obnoxious, putting up some "grr I'm tough don't eff with me" front, and walking around with my nose up in the air, I'm quite the opposite - I like to be approachable. It's amazing how easy it is to get any guy's attention by smiling at them rather than giving them a "the hell are you looking at me for" look.

  • I'm a lightskinned black girl. I only date white goth/emo/skater/scene/punk/(you get the picture) boys and girls. Not trying to offend any of the "GHETTO" black girls (wait...I lied...yes I am) they want a girlfriend that isn't ghetto and knows how to act in public. they want someone that talks proper, not some piece of sh*t from the hood. (NO I'M NOT SORRY FOR SAYING THAT) first of all, most black girls are f***ing loud. WE CAN HEAR YOU! WE ARE STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING? next topic to cover: ghetto subjects! ^.^ my response: WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOU TALK ABOUT WHERE YOU GOT YOUR WEAVE FROM.. who's ass is bigger, how cute you think that hideous rapper Little wayne is (even though in my opinion he looks like a f***ing rapist/criminal that needs to be behind bars)..NO ONE GIVES A DAMN...OKAY? NO ONE GIVES A DAMN. I f***ing hate when black girls start mess and drama. this isn't a soap opera...CUT IT! it isn't necessary! Last topic: your loud entrances. Everyone knows when a black girl has entered the building because of how loud she is. can you please lower your voice? HELEN KELLER CAN F***ING HEAR YOU. you don't need to make that kind of entrance in a building. who the f*** do you think you are? Megan Fox? sorry to inform you, but by your appearance I can clearly see that you aren't! that's why I only date white guys because black people aren't worth sh*t. and yes, I don't care...if I'm being racist to my own kind...but it's the f***ing truth.

    • 1. Girl you need to stop acting like a judgmental bitch, no one likes a judgmental bitch.. I'm just keeping it real..
      2. Stereotyping black women as loud bitches is pretty damn fucked up..
      3. I suspect that you were raised in a self hating environment.
      4. Check yourself before you wreck yourself..
      5. Most emos, skater boys and scene boys then to like me, a cool, chill, smart black girl I don't know why they like someone like you.
      6. Honey, I'm natural.. no perms no nothing.. and I'm dark skinned most boys in every race find me to be gorgeous literally Asians, whites, Africans, Middle eastern etc.
      7. That's all I have to say... PEACE THE FUCK OUT ✌ ✌ ✌

  • i've heard white guys say that they are intimidated by black girls because they are loud and obnoxious. that's not my personal opinion, that's just what I've heard guys say lol

  • Wow. I can't believe you asked this question. Are you ready for the answers from the guys?

    I just think that stereotypically skaters and preppy boys are white, and not many of them date black girls. Neither would it be cool for a skater to bring home a black girl or take one around his friends. Unless the girl also has the same lifestyle as him and she isn't ghetto, then of course, she has a chance. I'm black, and I have no problem with white guys who dress in hollister asking me out. It just depends on the girl. If she is all ghetto and dresses urban she might not have a chance. And that is the truth. Me, I'm often called 'white washed', so maybe I relate more to them. IDK... I can't wait to see what these guys have to say. But good luck, if you open up and befriend these guys, you never know, they will like you.

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