Why is my boyfriend becoming so cocky?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. About a year ago, he met a friend who is a really good guy, but he got my boyfriend into bodybuilding. My boyfriend spends about 3 hours at the gym a day...taking a day off every 2 weeks. He eats a ton to keep his figure and he's getting pretty big and buff. He looks good...but he knows it..and I feel like he's more into himself and waaay less into me lately. He also makes comments about me only being with him because of his body...and even though I know he's joking, part of me feels like that's all he cares about...like I feel like to him, our relationship is being held together by his physical appearance. He's become VERY cocky and he was NEVER like that before. I really love him to bits but its frustrating because it seems like he's so into himself that he doesn't really care if I'm there of not...he doesn't touch me like he use to, or hug me, or put his arm around me when we sit. I don't know how or what to say to him...


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  • Going to a gym and buffing one's self can boost up confidence, and some goes beyond by being cocky. He's still in to you, and your relationship's still going well. He just found a new interest so just let him be. Discover also your interest to keep yourself from over analyzing things.

    • I do tend to over analyze things. Thanks I'll try to cool it lol

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  • I hate to say this because there is no known cure but I believe your boyfriend is coming down with a very serious case of Imaginary Lat Syndrome (ILS).

    Classic symptoms include chronic abduction of the upper arms and delusions/hallucinations of having enlarged latissimus dorsi muscles. Symptoms may also include excessive weight training of the upper body, an inflated view of oneself, sudden onset OCD (weight lifting/body image), manic episodes of buying and consuming unhealthy amounts of body supplements, etc.

    Though no antidote has yet been discovered, researchers have observed decreased symptoms in patients who watch an exorbitant amount of romantic comedies, gossip and go mall shopping frequently with female companions, and spend long hours listening to Justin Bieber and Queen.

  • People your age are changing rapidly and drastically. I think that's why the majority of our early relationships fail. We start the relationship as one person and finish it another.

  • Sounds like he is insecure and on steroids.

  • hes probably on steroids to be honest. they make you cocky, bigger, and hungry more often


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