How to deal with a cocky boyfriend?

My boyfriend is pretty cocky and sure of himself. He was always bragging about himself when we first started dating and over time it kind of annoyed me because I can't stand people like that. Bragging is one of my pet peeves. It did eventually die down a bit because he had told me all his stories and practically everything about himself. But sometimes I feel like he's ran out of things to say and we don't talk so much any more because I just go quiet sometimes, always expecting him to say something. He talks over me sometimes so I don't try as hard as I did when we first started hanging out, to make conversation.

He is absolutely gorgeous and he gets all the girls. I met with a friend yesterday who was with her boyfriend and even she got all excited and said my boyfriend was fit saying he had the perfect face and perfect body! He attracts every woman and he knows it, so does his friends and family! He always goes on about how it gets annoying being stared at all the time but I know he loves it deep down. He has a lot to brag about in all honesty. But yesterday he was talking way too much about how he gets all the girls. He said 'imagine my body at a party where everyone's drunk...I get attention'.

He even makes guys jealous. I went over my brothers house with him yesterday and all the guys thought it'd be funny to take their tops off. My boyfriend wasn't going to do it at first but he did eventually and all the guys just stared at his toned body and they were all touching his body and saying he made them feel fat and ugly!

I know you're probably reading all that and thinking, "this guy is a cocky twat" but he is a lovely guy. He's one of the sweetest, friendliest guys you could meet and he treats me better than any of my ex's did.

Whenever I call him out on his cockiness, he says "I'm only joking" but I sometimes joke about being cocky but I say I'm joking immediately and I don't make cocky jokes 24/7! I just told him that he's really cocky and that he's gorgeous and he knows it and he said, "I know, it's not a good thing!". So he seems to notice it.

I love this guy with everything I have. He is perfect aside from this one flaw and I feel like, whilst he's talking about himself, he's learning less about me. Although it's nice to have a guy who attracts a few girls, it's not so nice when he attracts every girl he comes across because it makes me feel like he's out of my league; especially when a girl who's prettier than me starts flirting with him! That makes me worry because I've been cheated on before so it does upset me.

He always says that he's all mine, that he loves me and that he only sticks to one girl which is somewhat reassuring.

I don't know what to do about it other than calling him out on his cockiness. I know I probably should speak to him but I don't know how. We've only been going out a couple months and things have been going perfectly so far. I'd hate to be the first to bring up a problem.
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I've been texting him whilst writing this and after he said being cocky wasn't a good thing, I said "why don't you stop being cocky then?" and he said "true! maybe :)" and then I said "aha good luck with that!" and he said "I do my best". That conversation may be enough to stop him but it may not or it will temporarily.. I don't know how to deal with it.
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Okay, I've just sent him a huge text about how I feel and he feels really bad, he's apologized and told me he will try his hardest to stop. I also said that "if someone gave us a quiz on each other, I can guarantee that I'd know more about you than you know about me." I've approached it as nice as possible and making sure he doesn't feel too bad! He also said he's glad that I told him because he never knew it was that bad.
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If you're just going to respond with me choosing him only for his looks (which I didn't), don't answer. I obviously found him very attractive initially but we're very compatible and I don't care how good looking the guy is, if he's got a great personality (which he has aside from this), that's the deal breaker. I wouldn't date someone who was handsome with a bad personality who treated me terribly, that's a stupid move.
How to deal with a cocky boyfriend?
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