Would hernia be a turn off?

I've got a hernia just above my belly button. It's just a small one. . I'm not sure when I got it, but sometime over the last couple months. And it's been getting worse over the last few weeks with the pain. I work in a factory with heavy lifting, so I'm assuming it's from work. I went to a walk in clinic to get it confirmed and next week I'm going to my family doctor to get more information.

I'm really into a guy right now, but I'm worried he might be turned off by how my belly button kind of looks funny (it's not an outie like some hernias, it's just funny shaped with the skin looking weird right above), and then if I have to have surgery I'm probably going to have a scar.

Plus someone just told me abdominal hernia is your intestines so maybe he will feel grossed out about that?

Before the hernia, I had a nice looking stomach with no flaws or scars and now I have a funny looking belly button, and then there will be a scar.

I know men kind of like girls to look perfect.

So this would be a turn off? Better to know so I don't pursue him. I'm not going to get offended by answers on the internet. If I were, I wouldn't have posted the question.


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  • worry about your health first.

    if you are getting hernias from heavy lifting it is definitely too heavy for you and you are risking significant health (including reproductive health) issues down the line.

    you should lift stuff using your legs muscles keeping the spine straight and vertical. Unless the weight is clearly ILLEGALLY high for a female to be lifting by hand, if your stomach muscles go to work so much you are getting a hernia, it means you are using them to keep your body in balance as your angled spine is handling the weight - a very wrong way of lifting weights.

    • No it was from work. I work in a factory.

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  • For me, that's a turn off


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  • If he's not shallow it won't bother him. Sometimes guys think scars are cool. It would be really weird if a guy didn't like you just because you have a scar on your stomach, if he's that superficial then he's not worth your time. It would be a nightmare to grow old with a guy that only likes you for your looks nobody wants a guy like that.

    You should try getting a different job, one that does not involve heavy lifting, exertion can make hernias worse.

  • I wouldn't mind