Guys, what Outfit Would Catch Your Eye? ^_^

Please be descriptive. obviously a bikini, but I'm talking OUTFIT Lol.

colors, top, dress, frilly stuff, lace? whatever, what catches a guy's attention. what do you think is hot? just be really detailed, I'd like to know cause I'm going shopping...yes perhaps for a clothes and a boyfriend ^_^

sorry lol I meant to say 'not a bikini', am I bad---that's what happens when I type fast oops!


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  • Well while I do agree with the other guys about how love comes to you and not to shop for a boyfriend, you asked for an outfit description, so I'll give you one that would certainly catch my eye.

    Uggs with skinny jeans (pant legs tucked in) and a simple, black short sleeved shirt that stops right around your waistline and give only a small view of cleavage.

    I like girls who keep it simple, sure it's nice when they like to dress up and such for a night out but I'm always dressed very casually, and I like to meet a girl who feels comfort is more important then style.

    • Actually lol that's what I wear like every day. uggs/ boots, jeans and a black tank and w/e top.

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    • Pool sounds neat, sometimes play pool with my friends at my house but it's not my favourite sport. I don't golf lol. I just don't have patience and precision I guess,but I admire how pro golfers can drive the ball towards a target; if it were me, after I hit a golf ball, it pretty much goes anywhere lol. I like soccer, snowboarding or martial arts. I guess those sports are kinda fast.

    • I very much regret not getting into martial arts when I was young, even though my mother tried pressure me into doing it. But it wasn't mainly for recreation, it was for self defense.

      Playing pool and shooting guns is the same idea, you're trying to hit something lol. Archary is another sport I like but have never really had teh chance to get into.

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  • Understatement is key in this, and my attention is always most effectively commanded by an attractive woman, dressed simply in a hat. It could be any hat, really, it's only important that no other adornment be employed. Simple, yet eye-catching.

    • Lol what type of hat? I actually have a hat collection, it's halarious. usually hat stores have a lot of guys there and I'm like lol instead of buying purses or shoes like my friends, I love hats! I have military hats, hockey hats, french hats, tons of crazy hats.

      nothing but a hat eh?

    • The hat says it all! lol

  • dont "shop" for a boyfriend, love comes to you when you least expect it, if you try too hard, it may come back to bite the end

    like I said, don't dress for the guys...isnt that what girls are always saying they dress to feel good or what not? find a style YOU like and go with it, if the guy likes it, he'll go for you but don't dress just for them

    • Uh trust me. it's like I always change my style. it's emo one day and then all girly/ frilly the next or goth...whatever I feel like. but usually in snow board gear. I'm a freaking tom boy some days lol. thanks for your input

  • You don't need to dress slutty with your boobs or other body parts hanging out. Buy a bright colored shirt, like bright yellow, bright lime green, bright pink, etc.

    • Yeah I don't like that type of attention. thanks for the colour recommendations though. they remind me of kaleidoscope colours for some reasons. I would only wear bright pink with a cute dress. bright yellow for a summer dress..

  • well, we were hoping you were getting one, but ah well


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