Do I have a peeping Tom or am I just paranoid?

My house kind of sits off by itself and there are no other houses really in view of my backyard plus I have a privacy fence around it And it sits on 2 acres of land. About a month ago I was laying out in the backyard trying to get rid of some Tanlines so I was Laying out nude My street is not a very busy street and with the privacy fence I don't really worry about anyone seeing me so I usually lay out quite often. I fell asleep in the lawn chair for probably 30 minutes or so and when I woke up I heard someone walking around my fence and through the cracks in the fence I noticed it was a younger guy may be in his 20s quickly walking away from my fence. I quickly covered up and went inside and tried to look out the window but I cannot really tell who the guy was. My husband is gone on deployment so I am home by myself until May. Our house is kind of new and we have not completed everything with it yet therefore my bathroom window does not have a curtains or blinds in front of it but it faces the woods So no one can really see us anyway unless they are snooping on our property. Last night I took a bath in that bathroom and then got out to blow dry my hair when I was blow drying my hair I do not have a towel or anything around me and basically I was standing there naked With the exception of thongs on. I briefly looked out the window and saw a shadow move away from the window, I was 90% sure that the shadow was in the shape of a human. I felt like someone was watching me and for all I know they could've been watching me the whole time I was in the bathtub, or like a month ago they could've been watching me sleep on my lawnchair in the backyard when I was naked. I quickly grabbed my towel and ran into my room and grab my husband's gun I was scared to death and I cannot even sleep last night. I don't know if I am just paranoid or if there is really someone there so that's why I didn't call the cops last night. This morning I went outside the house and there was a bucket sitting right under the window to my bathroom. I don't know if the bucket was there before or not but right now I am kind of scared at home. Am I just being paranoid or do you think I really have a peeping Tom? Can I really call the cops just because I'm scared I don't really have any family around here and I am new to the area and haven't made many friends yet Or I would go to their house.
Do I have a peeping Tom or am I just paranoid?
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