Do I have a peeping Tom or am I just paranoid?

My house kind of sits off by itself and there are no other houses really in view of my backyard plus I have a privacy fence around it And it sits on 2 acres of land. About a month ago I was laying out in the backyard trying to get rid of some Tanlines so I was Laying out nude My street is not a very busy street and with the privacy fence I don't really worry about anyone seeing me so I usually lay out quite often. I fell asleep in the lawn chair for probably 30 minutes or so and when I woke up I heard someone walking around my fence and through the cracks in the fence I noticed it was a younger guy may be in his 20s quickly walking away from my fence. I quickly covered up and went inside and tried to look out the window but I cannot really tell who the guy was. My husband is gone on deployment so I am home by myself until May. Our house is kind of new and we have not completed everything with it yet therefore my bathroom window does not have a curtains or blinds in front of it but it faces the woods So no one can really see us anyway unless they are snooping on our property. Last night I took a bath in that bathroom and then got out to blow dry my hair when I was blow drying my hair I do not have a towel or anything around me and basically I was standing there naked With the exception of thongs on. I briefly looked out the window and saw a shadow move away from the window, I was 90% sure that the shadow was in the shape of a human. I felt like someone was watching me and for all I know they could've been watching me the whole time I was in the bathtub, or like a month ago they could've been watching me sleep on my lawnchair in the backyard when I was naked. I quickly grabbed my towel and ran into my room and grab my husband's gun I was scared to death and I cannot even sleep last night. I don't know if I am just paranoid or if there is really someone there so that's why I didn't call the cops last night. This morning I went outside the house and there was a bucket sitting right under the window to my bathroom. I don't know if the bucket was there before or not but right now I am kind of scared at home. Am I just being paranoid or do you think I really have a peeping Tom? Can I really call the cops just because I'm scared I don't really have any family around here and I am new to the area and haven't made many friends yet Or I would go to their house.


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  • Ok, no more nakies outside, and time to get blinds on your windows. Keep the firearm handy, that is a good idea. Can you get any video surveilance or at least like a game/hunting camera that records upon movement? That's creepy, I'm sorry. Find a friend to do recon while you're safe in your house or something. Don't confront him outside if you ever catch him, he might panic and do something dangerous. You can call the police for suggestions but they'll probably wonder why no blinds and why nakies outside if you do reveal that to them (or they might start peeping too).

    • I understand I don't want y'all to think I am a nudist or anything I just felt like I could walk around at my house and whatever I wanted to even if it was nothing at all. I usually would have been more cautious in the backyard except for I fell asleep that day

    • I hear you, am not judging. I'd sit back there with an ak, m4, m1a, cetme, or something fun looking and make the person sh*t himself, but that's just me. Not sure that you want to reveal that YOU have a firearm though since that may provoke a break-in if you're not around some time. Find a friend to do it and sit in the backyard where you were sitting to wait for him. I would enjoy scaring the hell out of a perv like that.

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  • maybe you're part of a horror movie and you don't even know it! lol you could be that nakkie girl that gets killed in the movies! *GASPS* There's a thought! lol :P

  • sorry, I'll take more effort to not be seen next time.

  • Lol, maybe you should take more measures to prevent people from seeing you nude...


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  • I would contact the police. They may not be able to help you until the next time it happens but if they are aware of the problem they can be on instant response.

    Try to avoid being nude near windows. I know it's annoying in some ways because when you're in your own home you don't even think about it. Try and be covered up.

    Make sure your house is locked. Take the time in the daytime to walk around your house, take some pictures, have a tidy up and put things like buckets in the garage locked. Again, take photos. If someone is breaking in then you can prove things have been moved around and you can refer to your photos.

    It sounds like you do have a peeping Tom, but if it's not dealt with it could get worse. It could be an innocent teenager, or it could be someone with mental health issues. Better to be safe than sorry. If you aren't comfortable going to the police yet, you could approach people on the road, introduce yourself, invite them over for coffee. You can ask them if there is anyone in the neighbourhood you should keep an eye on, eg is there someone in a wheelchair 3 doors down, and having someone in your house with you may discourage your Tom.

    Good luck.

    (p.s. I had a stalker at work, I know how horrible it is to feel like you're being watched and followed)

  • can you close you're blinds so no one can see you in the bathroom? that's what Id do. I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable enough doing the things you're doing in the nude with windows open. try and shut them next time.

    • Well like I said in the story we are not finished with the house yet so we do not have blinds in the bathroom and with my husband gone I do not know how to install blinds. As of now I do have a towel over the window and it covers it pretty well. My living room does have blinds and curtains and it just my bathroom and the guestrooms do not have blinds or curtains yet. We just built the house and are not finished with it yet

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    • I guess I just got too comfortable in my house and not paying enough attention to the fact that I had no blinds on my window in the bathroom. I feel like I should be able to walk around my house in whatever I want to without being violated

    • Yes I totally understand what you are saying. But IF its come to this point yoiu must take measures to protect yourself or the ultimate thing to do like everyone else says on here is to get the blinds up.

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