What constitutes the borderline between a 7 and a 8? (1-10 scale looks)

what should a girl be like so that she can be considered 8+?

what makes someone a 7 and not a 8?

and... girls who turn heads would be most likely what number in the 1-10 scale?


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  • Its entirely subjective. My scale is not the same as my friend's scale and his isn't the same as my cousin's scale. We all value different things in different quantities, and that defines where they go on our scale. You really shouldn't worry about it.


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  • As the anonymous girl wrote "it's subjective"

    2 girls I know come to mind. One is an 8 because she has pretty blue eyes. The other has big eyes. Sometimes it's just a quality a girl may have. I know a 8 1/2 but has the personality of a double zero. So she's really a ?

    • and what makes this girl an 8 1/2? what are her features and overall look?

    • Brown hair, green eyes & boobettes. She's also from Cali. so she has a bit of an accent.

  • What constitutes the borderline between a 7 and a 8?



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  • it's subjective. it just depends on the girl. a 7 is significantly above average and an 8 is very attractive territory.

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