My neighbour stares at me for hours but doesn't talk to me

my neighbour spends hours in his window staring into my kitchen where I usually am. Yet if I ever try to speak to him runs from me. I feel like he needs to look at me for some unknown reason so I always let him just stare while I work in the kitchen. He's young and quite handsome.

Before he would only look out before he went to work however now I feel like he's watching me and hearing everything I say even when he's not there. When he looks at me I can feel it before actually seeing him, I know it sounds impossible but it is. Recently he seems to be with me everywhere I go, even if I go to talk to another man or my husband I feel a constriction in my throat like he's telling me not to, I even feel guilty occasionally and spend hours crying or sleeping.

His parents are very conservative with him and have stopped allowing him to come and look out the window. They've fenced every side of the garden off to block any vision that I might have into their garden and have even gone further to get cars that look extremely alike to confuse me as to when he's here or not. I'm getting really scared and I can't afford to move house at this point in time. Is it possible that they've put camera's in my house somehow? they've never visited me inside my house, I've been keeping my bedroom window closed for weeks now without opening them in fear. I need advice or something please
My neighbour stares at me for hours but doesn't talk to me
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