If a girl has a sexy/beautiful face and is in good shape, does it matter how she dresses?

First of all, I have to say that I grew up as a tomboy. When other girls my age were learning about makeup, I was focused on Harry Potter and Pokemon. I was 17 before I stopped wearing sneakers everyday and now that I'm 19 I can barely put on makeup. I'm told I have really good skin and I think that is why I was never drawn to makeup in the first place. I never needed it; sometimes people come up and ask me if I have it on and I never do. I just don't understand how someone could spend so much time putting makeup on. As for the way I dress, I have jeans and trousers in all colors and I tend to like to look "smart". I wear blazers occasionally and collared shirts with the top buttons unbuttoned. And I wear oxfords, sneakers, and boots most of the time. I'll wear flats and heals and dresses too but only about 30% of the time. When I was little I looked a little bit odd because of my high cheek bones and my cheeks were a little chubby. As I aged the chubby cheeks went away and I always get compliments on my facial structure. My hair is naturally soft and wavy and it's cut short so that it comes to around my jaw/neck. I don't waste much time primping my hair ( I just wash and go). I guess after all this rambling... My question is... If someone is a casual and natural beauty do I really need to change a lot about myself. It's just that I'm going to be in my 20s soon and I realized I don't do very much that other women my age or younger do.
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I will add though that make-up makes me look a lot older (more than just a few years). But no make up makes me look a lot younger than I am. I'm only 5 feet tall too.
If a girl has a sexy/beautiful face and is in good shape, does it matter how she dresses?
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