Do guys get turned on by watching a girl put on her lip gloss? If so, how?

Lmbo, so now I am considering only applying lip gloss in the girls' restroom from now on.

Today I was in my class with this guy that I like who flirts with me on a daily basis.

He had gotten up from his seat behind me in class to do something. Without giving it any thought, I pulled out my tube of lip gloss because it felt like my lips needed more moisture on them.

So I was just sitting there applying my gloss in my seat when he suddenly started walking back to his desk in a slow manner.
I could see him from the corner of my eye just watching me as I slowly applied the gloss onto my lips.( by the way I did not do this to turn him on or anything, I honestly was just reapplying my lip gloss)

I got a little creeped out by his stare so I stopped and he went, "(My name) I like how you put that on."

I said, "That's really creepy."

He smiled and went, "Thank you for that show you put on, I really enjoyed it. Did you do that for me since you knew I was going to walk by?"

Lol, is this a thing now? Do guys really get turned on just by watching a girl put on her lip gloss?


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