Insecure about wearing tank tops.

2 questions.
#1. I shave my underarms regularly because i hate letting them grow out for waxing. but they get really red and irritated and never really seem smooth. Any tips on how to help so that i can wear tank tops comfortably.
#2. I'm trying to eliminate the fat between my breast and arm. Like when my arms are resting. it spills out of my bra and shirts. Any tips?
Thank you all in advance.


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  • This is going to sound stupid... Are you buying the right size bra? Spill over does not equal fat. It's like when anyone wears pants that are too tight, there will be spill over.
    I know tiny girls who have some spill over because they wear bras that are too tight.

    If it's the right size then start weight training. You can't spot reduce, but you can perform exercises that will target that area. And you will want to clean up your diet.
    Shoulder press with dumbbells, tricep extensions, tricep dips, PUSH UPS, triangle push-ups, lat pull down, low rows...
    Good luck:)

    • Thanks for most helpful :)

    • no problem. I got measured and the bra is the right size. the lady explained that for me being so tiny. i'm 5'2, 110 pounds with D cup sized boobs. She said that sometimes a little sits out by the armpit. no reason really ha so all i can do is keep weight lifting :)

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  • You can't just eliminate fat from particular area in bod? Lol you do it overall. You can shape that fat up tho,

    Inclined Cable cross over (and yes in inclines, Cable are suppose to be taken from down to up)

    Db flys on inclined bench.

    Crocodyle push ups. 3 sets at end

    • haha i know you can't just eliminate it. i was more asking what i could do to get it in shape. Thank you :)

    • Those three. do it on chest day since you are shaping them, Light weights. High reps so it sweats more

  • Eat less until you are skinny and hot.

    • i am not fat and ugly. just little problem areas. thanks.

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    • I've seen women with the boob flub you mentioned. They were fat.

    • well i'm not fat. so thats your opinion

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  • Instead of shaving, WAX your underarms. The hair will come back slower, and will lessen overtime. For your second question, I'm am unsure of what fat you're talking about, but...if you're wearing a bra that has an improper fit, get fitted and find a better one. If you're talking about something else, then tone up your body of lose weight or gain muscle to lose fat. Good luck.

  • So i dont shave daily, but i know how to eliminate the red bumps. Your best bet is to use a single blade razor and only use it two to three times max. I use to have terrible razor burn with my armpits when i used the five blade razors. And you must shave down! Or with the hair!! Sorry im no help with the other question. I've never experienced that

  • For the irritation..put coconut oil on after your showers on everywhere that you shave. Its amazing.
    And for the flab there..loose weight? But what'll really help is chest/ pec exercises.. I still have a little haha

  • If you're top heavy its probably going to be harder to loose that extra fat but its going to take sum work.. Everyone has problem areas. Make sure u use sum oil or thick cream when u shave..and always moisterize after...try sum cocoa butter.


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