What truly works on flirting

Why I'm writing this

You will see plenty of dating advice about how to attract the opposite gender, but after trying these you will see that they rarely work.

So I have made plenty of experiments during the years, and I think that I finally cracked the code. I'm having a big amount of success lately and I wanted to share the mindset with you, so you can live a happier life with the opposite gender.

They are humans

Whenever you interact with the opposite gender you always need to keep in consideration that they are just humans as you are, with the same insecurities and stuff going on.

And specially, when they respond in a nasty way most of the time it's because of their own insecurities. They don't really want to hurt you, but they just want to feel not as vulnerable as they probably are feeling.

So always be welcoming, and always laugh at this crap. For example by exaggerating their insults. If they say you are too old you say you are looking for retirement, if they say you are too fat you say you are looking into sumo Olympics.

You have tons of options

One of the worst most stupid things you can do is to obsess about someone who isn't really into you. Why are you interested in someone who doesn't care about you?

The world is full of people, there's literally tons of persons you can get to know. Doing so with the ones that aren't into you, or that have a shitty attitude is utterly nonsense.

If you aren't meeting new people it has nothing to do with scarcity of people. Most likely you aren't approaching the ones you like at all.

And don't say it's because you are fat, broke or a weirdo. The world is full of freaky, fat, unshaven persons that will love to be with someone as weird as they are.

Simply put most of your failure is the failure to show interest to the right people. Either because you are distracted with someone who won't fit you, or you fail to recognize that there's people who you are already their type.

Showcase before selling

You shouldn't never tell that straightforward you like them, you should flirt with them first.

They needs to know how it would be to be with you like first by flirting, in a casual not committed context. Making spicy comments from time to time, in a light-heated manner.

Start with simple things, like inviting them to go out with you and probably with your friends. Showcase before you sell, make it non serious, and keep it heated but also not always speaking about sexy stuff.

Boys just need to "get it"

If you are a guy, mostly respond to their moves on you. If her says this, you say that. And if she moves away give her some minutes to come back.

The problem with most males isn't that they don't know how to flirt. But either that they don't get when a girl is trying to flirt with them, or that they simply don't take the opportunities girls give them to do so.

Tease her from time to time, but not in a way it is pushy. Let her be slightly more interested in you than you are into her, but don't doubt on showing interest too.

If you are a girl you simply make it easy for the boy to "get it". Most of the time they won't approach except if it's very easy for them to do so, even if they are overly interested. In a nutshell, they fear to permanently scare you. Most boys aren't that socially fluid.

In summary

I have had way far more success showing the right amount of interest than showing interest all the time, or showing little interest.

Be bold, but not pushy. Let them have space, and feel free about their choices, but press their buttons a little bit.

In summary, show your feelings with the intensity adequate to the here and now.

What truly works on flirting

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What truly works on flirting
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  • lightbulb27
    interesting ith the usage rights... I wonder about what we post out here!

    good take, well said!
    There is an essence of conveying your interest and desire without being so direct. Direct can work, but it better be strong and unwavering. Flirting is like playing with her emotionally, in a good way.
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  • Emily101
    Thought this would help my case. Didn't help really - sowwy x
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  • Logorithim
    Pretty good. Thanks for sharing.
  • FreshOutaIdeas
    If guys were in tune with themselves, and therefore their environment - and the women in it - along with actually having testosterone rather than being a soy boy...

    They might actually gather a natural flow with how women work - despite their flaws.

    See a good example of how men should be:

    • Women don't want a boy who is a cold fish, they just don't like men being pushies.

    • I'm going to assume your talking about the clip I put up? I'd that's "cold fish" then your on the wrong side of the pond, squire. The point being made in that scene was that women find real men irresistible, worse yet real men that know how women work like the back of their hands.

    • If that's**

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  • young_old_soul
    I thought it was something useful until I got to "Boys just need to 'get it'"
  • IHateBeingaMan
    I feel men typically need more flirting training than women do
  • ranger32
    That didn't help at all i still dont understand how to flirt.
  • hellacray
    Well how do you approach someone if she's busy or with her friends?

    There's plenty of girls out there, but most of them apparently have boyfriend...
    • Sureeeee ;)

    • 40% of people is single.

    • hellacray

      So... 60% of them are not...

      And saying people is pretty generic. What about age and sexual preference.

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  • Rider22
    Thatโ€™s a strange choice of a picture for this article.
  • 1828avaava1828
    hmm the game of flirting!!
  • Good take
  • Joker_
    This is what truly works on flirting