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Ugly people I think are hot

Yup, I'm weird. It's what makes the world go round, having differences.

1. Boris Johnson AKA Prime Minister of the UK(even though he looks like a crazy potato)

Ugly people I think are hot
Ugly people I think are hot

Yeahhhh he's ugly

2. I guess Christopher McDonald AKA Shooter Mcgavin

Ugly people I think are hot
Ugly people I think are hot

He's not that bad

3. Oliver Platt -actor ( A time to kill, three musketeers, 2012 etc)

Ugly people I think are hot
Ugly people I think are hot

He's like 6'5 which is pretty sexy so...I don't know

4. Severus Snape AKA Alan Rickman. I don't feel bad about this one bc there is a TON of fan fic about him and he was well liked in his prime RIP

Ugly people I think are hot
Ugly people I think are hot

Okie dokie there you go

Ugly people I think are hot
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  • magiusX26
    loved oliver im both 3 musketeers and a time to kill. unfortunately he was with that one guy you despise in a time to kill.

    how about tommy lee jones?

    can't think of his real name, played barbossa in pirates of the carribean movies?
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    • Geoffrey rush?

    • magiusX26

      yes. geoffrey rush

    • I don't like either of them although I used to have a crush on Tommy Lee Jones no joke, but he got a unibrow and serious eye baggage lmao

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  • rustymopp
    there is some hope for us ugly blokes then...

    Although not sure you can really class Alan Rickman as ugly, I know lot's of women with crushes on him
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    • Yeah that's what I was thinking, I still get looks sometimes for liking him though...

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  • Erinjune
    i mean like it depends if they have a cute personality then yeahhhhhhhhhhhh man but if he rude af then hell NO
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  • Niya2006
    Is this still revelant?
    • who's the ugliest on my list in your opinion?

    • Niya2006

      Alan Rickman

      the others look mehhhhhhhhh

    • Really? I thought he would be the best to most people lmao

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  • errorgoodnameunfound
    I'll give you cred for the snape one BUT ONLY because of this. (though I'm disspointed Voldamort doesn't get at least honorable mention). https://www.youtube.com/embed/Tx1XIm6q4r4
    • I LOVE THAT VIDEO. Yes i am a weird and socially awkward teen.

    • @CuriousCat123 wow it circulated that much after it came out? I remember watching with friends as early as like aroud age 14. I'm 25 now! I looked and it launched apparently in 2007. Which leards to a few questions...

      A. What sorta time traveler are you?
      B. Where's that time machine?
      C. How much for rental?
      and lastly, D. Do you accept Mastercard?

  • Jjpayne
    That's a pretty fun take but I do kinda have a crush on oliver though... 😂
  • Grond21
    Oliver Platt is 6'5? Holy crap!
    I saw him in Executive Decision, and I had no idea he was that tall
    • I love Executive Decision lol

    • who's the ugliest on my list in your opinion?

    • Grond21

      It's a fantastic movie!

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  • Don-__-Don
    So you think they're hot because of their personality I'm assuming?
    • No lmao, I find them attractive but most do not

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I only read this to make sure my name wasn't mentioned. Carry on
  • AlexDeLarge
    Oliver Platt in Year One. One of the funniest, most perverse scenes in a film 🤣🤣
    • Wait , what happened?

    • EW LMAO I can't make myself watch this

    • I couldn't stop laughing. They said he improvised all the lines and Michael Cera couldn't stop laughing so it took many takes to finish the scene

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  • menina

    Only you to make a take like that!
  • crmoore
    It's pretty infrequent, but I occasionally find someone conventionally unattractive (particularly) to be attractive in some odd way, as well. Like once in a blue moon.
  • NoblesseObligeKK
    I wonder if your attraction to these "ugly" people has anything to do with their clout as a millionaire.
  • BeyondCuriosity
    Well, these are all men and men are ugly, so... lol
  • sacajawea
    Sometimes personalty, or other treats over ride anything else. Even looks.
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Very interesting pictures and thanks for sharing with us
  • cjgsu
  • Diversity_Hire
    Alan Rickman... very missed. 😢
    • who's the ugliest on my list in your opinion?

    • Oliver Platt, as he is the only one who is... ugly. The rest, while they may not be traditionally attractive, have various features that work for them.

    • lmao I kind of agree

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  • knight2468
  • pizzalovershouse
    Great personality helps