At what stage of flirting is it ok to slap a girls Butt?

We are in high school by the way
I've known this girl for. a while now and I flirt with her and she flirts back
I'm stil technically her friend not a boyfriend
I'm pretty sure that she isn't just being nice and that she is actually flirting
She is very extroverted and chill
We are quite touchy like we hug a lot and she playfully hits me and stuff like that
On a frequent basis itouch her like putting my arm around her shoulder and grabbing her wrists (playfully and gently) and other stuff like that, she let's me, I don't just force myself upon her lol
Anyways I like her a lot
Would it be ok if I gave her butt a bit of a tap or not? Would she consider that flirting or just being a D bag?
Would she be offended?
+1 y
So a few friends and i met up, including my flirt
When I hugged her I slid my hand to her lower back and put some obviously but light pressure on her ass
Not exactly a squeeze but my fingers did curl
she didn't pull away when I did but I know she noticed because she laughed and made a face basically saying she was ok with it
later while we were there she did slap my ass
So when I hugged her goodbye I squeezed her ass lightly again but didn't slap it
I'll later slap her ass thoug
At what stage of flirting is it ok to slap a girls Butt?
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