How To Flirt With Your Crush At The Movies?

My crush and I have been really close friends for around a year, and we both admitted to each other ages ago that we liked each other. We agreed however, that we weren't in a rush and loved being each other's friend.

He's very laid back and not obviously romantic, but I think that's because he's trying the "hard to get" thing. He doesn't compliment me to my face, and as much as I appreciate that, sometimes a girl wants to hear that mushy stuff. We tell each other everything and we trust each other. We are so close that we tease each other and bicker like an old married couple, but I have been waiting for a time where we go somewhere together that isn't initiated by me.

The other day, he asked me whether is like to go to this new movie when it comes out. And I'm really excited but also shockingly nervous because I've never been anywhere with him by ourselves before. I've never had my first kiss (I'm 14) and I want it to be with him but it doesn't have to be at the movies.

That's the background info- so my question is, how should I flirt with him during the movie to be cute and flirty but not nessecarily initiate kissing? (However, if it happens it happens)

I don't know how I should flirt and how he will react, because like I said, he doesn't show that he likes me because he's either shy, or pulling a "hard to get"? So I dont want to make a fool of myself if he doesn't respond to my flirts.

Please help me!

Thank you.
How To Flirt With Your Crush At The Movies?
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