How can I start a conversation on Facebook without being weird or awkward?

So there's this guy that I really like. How can I start a conversation (through chat or messages) without me seeming weird or awkward., you know? I just don't know how to make it not seem like I'm a weirdo...

Well, its just that I've like never really talked to him in person before. We've only had like three or four conversations.


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  • just message him and say 'hey , how you doin' or something like that

    guys think differently from girls.

    maybe if a guy messaged you saying that you may think he's a weirdo just coming

    and talking to you out of the blue but guys don't think this way.

    i guarantee you he will reply.

    dont tell him that you like him or anything, just do some flirting and see if he flirts back.

    and if he doesn't , don't take it personally, its all part of the fun and experience

    and if you consider yourself to be a pretty girl that's a bomus and I guarantee you that he will flirt back if you do this right


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