Is my girlfriend sister trying to seduce me?

My girl her sister and I are sharing and apartment for time being. One day my girl told me too take ac out her sister window as she left for work. So i went in room her sister was there with a short night gown on and bent over in front of me to move her shoes out the way so i could grab the ac Out the window. As she bent over too pick her shoes i saw her ass and panties. Another time was when i was in shower and she knocked on door then just came and said she had to use bathroom so i got out of shower to let her use it, This was just two mins after i got in the shower. Next time she had on a see through lingerie were i could see her butt and panties as she walk around the house with them like it was nothing. Then she bust in on my girl and i having sex 3 times knocking and then just letting herself in. Another she came in bathroom while i was taking a dunk right after i sat down. Is she trying to hint at fucking me or are they trying to see if i will react or do they both want me or am i thinking too deep into it?
Is my girlfriend sister trying to seduce me?
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