Why does my crush not reply to my snapchats?

I just recently got my crushes snapchat and I'm super happy! So the first time I got his snapchat, I was way too nervous to send him anything from my account. That's why I pretended to hack my friends account. I sent him things from her snapchat, but I made it look like I was hacking her and made him think I was sending snaps to everyone when they were just for him. Basically, the first snap I sent to him was just a goofy video of me, and HE PUT IT ON REPLAY. I was super excited about this because he doesn't put snaps on replay ever! But again, I sent the video from my friends account, so he didn't know that I found out about him putting the snap on replay.
So that same day, my friend sent him lots of silly snapchats of me being goofy or singing weirdly. At one point, she sent him one of me singing "All of Me" by John Legend. And that was so embarrassing. So he sent her a snapchat of a picture of him laughing and saying, "haha, what was all that about?". And she replied with, "idk, my friend(me)hacked me." So that day, I decided to send him a snapchat explaining everything that happened and how I didn't mean for those weird snaps to be sent to him. And he opened it 2 DAYS LATER.
So, why did he open my friends snapchats of me right away and put one on replay, but then he opened mine wayyy later? Since then, this kind of scenario has happened more. For example, my friends have hacked me and sent him pictures of them, and he hasn't opened them until 3-4 days later. so why does he see everyone else's snapchats and reply to them sometimes right away, and ignore mine until a day or more? I don't know. Does he like me? Or not. He's shown interest of liking me, lots of it...but I don't know anymore.
Why does my crush not reply to my snapchats?
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