Girl stood me up twice... what to do?

Both in college and fairly close friends for a while now. A month ago she came back from a semester off school and said how much she missed me and wanted me to visit her at her work. I text (twice) a week later asking if she wanted to hang out... no reply. To either text. The next day I was quiet around her in class (purposely) and she text me that night asking if I was okay and that I didn't seem my normal self. Now, Monday I text her that I was going to need to drop something off at her work today and was going to come pay a visit and she asked me to bring her lunch, so I did. I told her the time and day I'd be stopping by. I show up at that time and day and the secretary tells me she went out for lunch without even letting me know. I'm going to see her in college class tomorrow. I am tired of these games she keeps playing with me. Should I tell her straightforward or just do what I did before and simply ignore her?
Girl stood me up twice... what to do?
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