How do I find a boyfriend-free, single girl?

I want to find a TRUE and HONEST sweetheart, but I have not found a gal pal who is boyfriend free and single. I don't want my heart to be shattered, I never had a real girlfriend, and I need one right now!

And how do I make a boyfriend-free girl like me? I'm a shy guy, but I always find it hard to approach single women! I always go around and hope girls would come to me, but I get arrested by the police and get kicked out a few times for doing that.

I am 27 years old, and I should have a girlfriend by now. But no girl ever wants to date me! I would really like to build a sweetheart from the ground-up.

The reason why I am looking for boyfriend free single girls is whenever I approach a girl, they always say that they have a boyfriend, and I'm afraid of boyfriends in general, which I would call noviophobia.


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  • Two suggestions (see however each may apply to you):

    1. Focus on building up other aspects of your life. Enrich your life by seeking out and enjoying friends, family, hobbies, goals, etc. Learn a few new skills, travel, read a few good books, appreciate some new art forms, etc. These things will make you feel a bit more fulfilled in the meantime, and make you a more interesting person to a potential girlfriend (whom, by the way, you might meet along the way of building up your life).

    2. Change up your approach. Do you walk up to girls and immediately start thinking of dating her/how to get her number? Think differently; observe some interesting thing about her or the environment that you can comment on, and start simple conversations that way. Do you ask for a girl's number directly? Try asking for her email/Facebook/IM and tell her you want to continue whatever conversation you're having. Are you nervous/fidgety? Go back to #1 and build your confidence doing those things. Other things: pay attention to her body language when talking to her so you can tell if she's interested, make sure you're in a lighthearted or happy mood when you approach girls so that YOU don't give off awkward body language, etc. Just think about the things you do when you approach girls--write them down, which helps me, it may help you--and actively think of ways you can improve.

    Also, just remembered--you're getting arrested? Maybe you're coming off too strong. Slow down and just talk to girls like you would another guy, at first. Don't try to flirt/get "romantic" or show too much sexual interest right away--if you're not very experienced, that can backfire. Just play it cool. Good luck man.


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  • I'm afraid you may not like this answer, but your approach to getting a girlfriend is ineffective. I say this through my knowledge of your various exploits. I'm guessing you'll reject my suggestions, but I'll give it a try anyways.

    First, stop going after the girls that have been contacting you on the internet. They are trolls. They have always been trolls. I could be a troll! Stop trusting everyone. Have any of your encounters turned out well? Not in the least. It always ends up with the troll tricking you into doing something that only leads to greater notoriety (which draws in more trolls) and unpleasantness.

    Second, don't hunt for girls. A "Love Quest" is all well and good, but you don't need to walk around with signs soliciting"boyfriend-free girls." As you have noticed, that will get you arrested. Your... intense... pursuit of a girlfriend is a strong impediment to you actually finding one.

    Third, you need a job. I'm sorry, but you are going to have to search a long time before finding a girl willing to support you. Most will want at the least an equal partnership. Go find a job. Minimum wage occupations are hardly ideal, but they are a massive leg up on unemployment. You play video games all the time, maybe you should look for a position in video game testing? That could help you with your attempts to make your own game too.

    Fourth, stop feeding the trolls. There is pretty much an *army* of trolls circling you, trying to mess with you. To be honest I'm not completely sure that this ChrisChanSonichu account isn't just a case of trolls trolling trolls. I hope not, since that would put this response to waste... Anyways, stop uploading youtube videos. The darker side of the internet has almost unanimously aligned against you. This is not a good thing. You should keep a lower profile. Maybe a new screen name?

    On a side note, if you can't stop yourself from being quite so public online, maybe you could do some counter-espionage? I mean, the trolls are hardly subtle. They post information on their major attacks as they are performing them. Go read the more prominent pages (just a hint, Encyclopedia Dramatica is not the main one) and find out what they are up to.

    There are other things of course, but those are the biggest. Finding a girlfriend is not a simple task for most people, so you shouldn't expect it to happen overnight. You just need to, well, mature a bit. Boyfriends and girlfriends are things of the real world. If you really want one, you'll need to develop yourself in the real world, and focus a bit less on the internet.

    Hope this helps,


  • I'm in the same boat as you, except I'm female and really want a boyfriend


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  • Wait a minute, why do the cops arrest you?

    I think you could start off by change your attitude a bit. You might want a girlfriend but you should not need one. Try to be happy without a girlfriend, that will make things a lot easier for you.

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