Girls, our feet touched under the table, does it mean anything?

Hi girls, I would like to ask for your opinion on the following. Recently I was attending a get-together with other people, one of them being a girl I've had a crush on for a very long while.
We've known each other for years and have become more comfortable with each other over the last year or so (but nothing major, to be honest).

As we dined, I happened to discretly look under the table and noticed that her feet were pretty stretched out, almost within range of my "personal space". No touching was taking place, as when I usually sit and dine, I tend to keep my feet tucked in, almost directly below my sitting area. We were facing each other, accross the table.

I decided to go a bit bold ("bold") and moved one of my feet in her direction, hoping for some contact to take place (waiting for it).
Not only it did, by her foot touching my leg, but shortly after she pressed her foot onto mine, almost as if wanting to understand whose foot it was. Not only because she might have realized the only foot aligned with hers would be mine, but also because she had only one other person sitting at one of the tops of the table. As I was sitting accross the table, I would assume it might have been fairly easy to tell it was me.

She left it there touching mine for a while until contact eventually broke as the socializing progressed, etc. Recalling the situation - I dunno, maybe we held contact for a couple of minutes, tops. No caresses were exchanged, just the touching itself.

What would you make of this? Something? Over-analysis?
When a woman's foot touches a man's leg/foot, does it usually mean anything? Or could it have been something absolutely natural of her? She's not the "touchy" type, I'd say.
Thanks for your opinions!
Definitely something
Forget it and move on
Could be something
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Girls, our feet touched under the table, does it mean anything?
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