She ignored me, now she's talking to me again, why?

Several months ago I met a girl andwe hit it off really well. We began to text each other a lot. After a month or two we started flirting more and more, texting late at night, and she would text me good morning/good night etc. We got really close and we almost made out once when hanging out. (it got interrupted)

Anyway, out of the blue, she all of a sudden stopped texting me. I would text her and she'd at first give one-word answers like she wasn't trying to talk, and then she started completely ignoring whatever I sent her. I called once, but she never answered. I decided that I wouldn't hound her and give her space. I waited about a week before texting her again. When I did text her again I just asked how she was doing, nothing special or fancy. She never replied. I started to get p*ssed because I didn't do/say anything diffrerent or wrong to her so I decided to stop texting her and wasting my time with her. After not hearing from her for almost a month, she sends me a text and she's her old self again. I replied saying that I hadn't heard from her in a while and then she goes on to say that she misses me and stuff. Girls confuse the hell out of me, why is she doing this?


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  • Women suffer from horrible self confidence, Secretly she likes some other dude, but every time she gets shot down, she need a pick-me-up.

    So she comes to you to remind her how beautiful she is and to more or less boost her ego, so she can go back out man shopping with a full pocket of pride.

    Want to win her heart? ignore the bitch!

    • Damn bro never thought of it like that, well f**k her then

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  • Okay well, she's probally just was feelin you at first and it just went away.

    i do it all the time. She's simply just not interested. if your convos over text are

    boring that could be why cus when someonme text me that I know the convos gunna

    be hey, wassup, nothing, u?, nothing, oh. like I just donn't reply cus I see it coming.

    it could be she wants to see if you'll keep texting her, shed like you better if you didn't wanna text

    all day. play hard to get it always works.

    • I see what you mean, when we texted a while back, we always had pretty good convos. But I don't always try to text her everyday and keep up a weak conversation. I don't really wanna talk to her anymore now though

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  • Wow, I don't know man, but reading the answers from maggiecp and Sour_Diesel, it could very well be one of those situations. Best to move on to a girl who likes you and actually is mature enough to express it consistently, than put up with a girl who's on-and-off for no good reason (or at least, with no good explanation). Trust me, you wouldn't want a relationship with someone like that.

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