Do HOT guys like small girls?

That type of men that work out , have big muscles they find attractive petite girls?
Or they just like the " sexy type"
I have to be honest when i saw this type of guys i feel a little bit intimidating , i dont know why i think its rare for me to meet a tall guy with tons of muscles. In my last job a romenian guy , came to talk to me , to meet me and i was super nervous and uncomfortable. When he grab my hand i was like why this guy have to be so big , my hand are so small , its embarassing just to remember.
Must of the guys that i meet say that im very beautiful , even a men say that never saw a portuguese woman so beautiful like me. I was like ok... i moved to uk , and the girls here are so tall , and blonde , blue eyes , and im not tall , i have 1 60 im small my last boyfriend even call me " baby chick" , i have natural very light tan skin , brown eyes , soft curly hair , i receive a lot of compliments about my hair. I dont know but i have this curiosity because since i was a teen i m not the type of girl , to attract a lot of guys because im shy , and i wonder what type of woman big guys like.
Do you think they like more the blonde ones? honestly i think some of them just look like princess , i dont even compare to them.
Do HOT guys like small girls?
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