I need to finish this once and for all! Why does a guy even act this way?

Theirs this guy in my school who's a grade younger then me. Around the middle of my high school year I found him physically attractive, so I started to get his attention by staring at him. I noticed that he started looking back at me at times and my friends eventually found out that he was checking me out when he was right beside my friends and I when we were alone and he turned around and looked directly at me when I wasn't looking to see if I was looking back at him.

My friends and I realized that this guy is shy around girls that he doesn't know that well..I wanted to get to know him, but I sadly am also a bit shy around him and I get intimidated by his friends being around him. He has the average teenage boy ego where he's polite with someone when he's alone...then he acts like a total jerk and show off when he's with his buddies.

He knew that I liked him because I'd stare at him and Id try to get his attention, plus I added him on Facebook and told him he was cute. He responded back to my msgs a few times but he didn't sound interested because he didn't write much.

He told my friends that he liked another girl in his grade but he wanted to be friends with me and talk, it never happened. What I don't get about guys like him is...why does a guy act that way?

I still catch small glances of him staring at me when he thinks I'm not looking (friends tell me plus I use the side of my eye) and when I'm around and his friends are with him he'll wrestle them or show off then turn back to see if I was looking at him.

I don't know what to do, I developed a big crush on him and I know that it would take me a LONG time to get over him because he's exactly what I look for in a guy.

I don't know what to do..i want to try and flirt but he shows signs that he's not interested and I feel like I should back off or else id annoy him...yet he stares and shows signs of some interest.

Help me out, I'm tired of this roller coaster of emotions.

A friend of mine told me that he's apparently a great guy when he's alone...I'm just so confused I don't know what to do.. I really want to date him and I feel the hope, but I don't know where to go.

People told me he's on the football team so they said I should help manage the football team with other students so I could get to know him and see him.

PLEASE help me, why is he doing this?
I need to finish this once and for all! Why does a guy even act this way?
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