Why does she still call me? It's just bizarre.

It's been like 2 months now. I have not moved on at all and am still very much in love with her (blah blah.. and all that)

Anyway, I'm getting on with my own life and doing well, but I still think about her most of the time.

I've told her that I am still very much in love with her, and that I need to stop being in love with her to move on. (She said, "but I don't think either of us will ever FULLY move on"... [What's that supposed to mean!?]).

She's told me a few weeks ago that she's in the early days with another guy.. painful to hear but OK, she's moved on, cool, I accept that.

So...why does she still call me like at least once a week? The chats are always friendly and go on for a loooooong time each time (8 hours once). There was even talk recently about meeting up soon.

I asked her recently ONLY to call me if it's REALLY important, because when I speak to her it just makes me miss her loads afterward and it slows down my moving on.

But when she calls me it's always for 'some reason'. "Oh do you still have my [whatever]?" When it's obvious I don't.

I love talking to her, but it's quite painful because it just makes me want to hug her (and all the other stuff that heartbroken guys say).

I've stopped complementing her all the time and pouring my heart out to her in case that's just the reason she's calling (selfish validation and all that) but she still calls me for these chats.

If she has a new man in her life, why does it even occur to her to call me? She shouldn't give 2 bits of cr*p about me anymore and focus on her new guy!

She now has a boyfriend! What's she doing arranging to meet up with her ex boyfriend, who has repeatedly told her he's not over her and still loves her?

If I were the new boyfriend I'd be like...err...'Why?'

Really beats me. And (clichéd as it is), it IS really playing with my heart.

Is this just something girls do?

I told her a few weeks ago that I genuinely want to marry her, maybe that's why.

Maybe it's because I don't make any effort to contact her, and when we speak I tell her how awesomely I'm doing, and that makes her miss me (or jealous?)

Or maybe I'm just overthinking it, and she's just not 'hearing' me tell her about my feelings and needing to move on, and she's just trying to be friends.

Any suggestions would be appreciated (especially a girls insight).
Why does she still call me? It's just bizarre.
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