How do you define a "creep"?

I see guys on here complain about being called creeps all the time, but they don't always seem to understand why or claim girls would call them creeps for being unattractive. Guys on here claim girls call them creepy for asking them out, but I have never nor ever seen a girl call a guy a "creep" for asking her out or flirting badly

I call the guys who stalk me in the grocery store in the middle of the night creeps. I call guys who grope me creeps. I call that guy who tried to followed me 20 minutes home from the gas station a creep. And I call those guys last night who wanted to kidnap me creeps


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  • Guys who touch inappropriately
    Guys who say graphic sexual things to people they aren’t involved with
    Guys who try to get sex from minors
    Guys who follow people around
    Guys who call you vulgar names
    Guys who get angry you won’t go out with them or sleep with them
    Guys who push people to drink too much to sleep with them
    Guys who trap people in corners or follow them into dark places
    Guys who try to have sex with unconscious people
    Guys who use trickery or force for sex
    Guys who peep, expose themselves, steal underwear, take unwanted videos, rub on unwilling people, etc

    • This can be women too.

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  • To the OP: I got bad news for your self esteem (which looks clinically like arrogance), but do you remember the creep who was stalking you in the middle of the store last night? He wasn't. He was just in a hurry to get to the check out because he remembered he left his stove on at home, so he was running around behind you, quickly getting what he needed. And the guy who groped you? More bad news: he just bumped into you as you were standing in line to pay your cover charge at the club; after all, it was packed. What of the guy who followed you for 20 minutes? Hello! As luck would have it, He lives in the same complex as you and just happened to be heading home at the same time you were. Sorry, I know your self esteem is taking a beating over all this... And the guys who tried to kidnap you last night? This is like the final nail in the coffin, but when you slam into a bus stop after drinking and driving then try to drive away from the scene... Hello! They ain't kidnapping you; they're apprehending you until the police arrive.
    Geez. A woman's arrogance can be her own worst enemy...

    • Are you stupid? You weren't there, so you don't know what the hell you’re talking about.

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    • @ elliev: at first I thought I was replying to an egotist--so self absorbed that she thinks the entire male world is out to grope her, kidnap her and endlessly follow her apparently because she's so awesome. Then from the last reply, it became apparent that it wasn't egoism she suffers from, but rather paranoid delusions brought about by the effects of overindulgence to alcoholic beverages.
      Note trek me how this constitutes justifying rape?
      Geez you people have mashed taters in the brain

    • I've been groped by way more than 4 guys in my lifetime--that was just this weekend

      I was only under the influence of one alcoholic beverage during these instances, and I didn't even drink the whole thing

      There were 3 guys who wanted to kidnap me and they could tell I was under the influence if alcohol, so yes that would be rape if they had tried. I am not interested in sleeping around, so it would be rape regardless of having the drink or not

      I am certainly not paranoid. I am an attractive girl and men do seek to take advantage of me. I have been in dangerous situations in the past and was able to avoid anything bad happening to me by being aware of the creeps around me who are in denial that their views of misbehavior are incorrect

  • Creep is someone who you are not attracted to but does actions which would be fine if you were attracted to him :D for exmple a hot guy staring at you is nice but if you are not interested in him then he is a creep

    • Basically this. I don't even need to answer now.

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    • Attractive is not the same as being attracted to. If it was someone you had crush on, wouldn't you go inside for the adventute and possibility?

    • No. That is not an adventure I wanted to be a part of

  • A creep is any man you are not attracted to and does not seem to have any value or use to you.

    "who grope me" "guys last night who wanted to kidnap me" hahah, sure. Do you have a police report for this?

    • As women discover less and less men are paying attention to them the tallness of their tales will grow. If there really are “creeps” pursuing you, the rotten attitude of women in general have run off all men that are just easy going nice types and exposed you to what is remaining, the weirdos and pervs.

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    • @halfbowsey Works where I live; it is not my solution but of all that live where I live.

    • Dude, I own two pistols and two rifles, plus a bow. That doesn't change anything about what I said.
      It's nice that we are so priveleged that we can own weapons, but not everyone has that luxury.
      Male violence is still a problem for women. It wouldn't matter if they had guns or not, because men have guns too. The presence of guns and easy access to them just perpetuates more violence.
      This isn't the old west. You can't solve the male violence problem with more violence, even if it's female violence.
      The problem has to do with entitlement. Males feel entitled to female attention. If not given, retaliation ensues, which in some cases, leads to violence.

  • Act creepy, get called a creep. It's not rocket science. The guys who seem so fearful of this sound like turbo autists, utterly clueless about basic social interactions. What makes me think they are not on the spectrum as neuro-atypicals, is the way they blame women for their failure and the utter insistence that they did nothing wrong. Yeah, you're just a creep.

    • So then if they did nothing wrong and still get called a creep then something has gone wrong on women's end, right? It's not rocket science.

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    • @AllThatSweetJazz She's not the only one. The only guys I've ever encountered with this fear have been on this website, wondering why the stranger they followed and proposed to, called him creepy, when all he reasonably wanted was to bring her back to India to be married.

    • By 'you' I didn't mean just her. The point remains.

      Obviously I'm not talking about following people or seriously proposing to them randomly.

  • "I call the guys who stalk me in the grocery store in the middle of the night creeps. I call guys who grope me creeps. I call that guy who tried to followed me 20 minutes home from the gas station a creep. And I call those guys last night who wanted to kidnap me creeps"

    You summed up our problems!
    1) How do you know he was following you? Most grocery stores are small, and have limited ways to commute.
    2) Even if he is hot, and you want it?
    3) Maybe he wasn't following you. Maybe you just happened to walk the same path.
    4) I am pretty sure nobody actually wants to kidnap you. If they did, they would have. It's not that difficult.

    Girls might not SAY you are a creep (sometimes they do, but not always), but disgust, fear, or contempt have pretty recognizable facial expressions.
    And the thing is, you are fucking paranoid. You assume every guy wants to rape, murder, or kidnap you. Imagine living with the burden of assumption that you are evil, or have ulterior motives! Yeah, it's like that.

    You want to sit down and talk with a few girls at the table next to you in a pub?
    "Excuse me, would you mind if I sat down?"
    "... could you not?" - she said with obvious disgust.

    • Guess what? Some women think that because they’ve been abused, raped, kidnapped, or/and assaulted.
      We have a right to be scared of those things, just like men. We have a right to be scared of someone physically and naturally stronger. Have you heard the news lately?

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    • 5) "If a girl looks at you with disgust, fear, or contempt, you've obviously done something waaaay past creepy."
      Oh really? Or I didn't. Or maybe I am right, and women stereotype men based on their appearance.
      You expect me to believe that guys wanted bad things from you, but you refuse to believe the simplest thing that happened to me many times. I have never hurt a woman in my life, expect for my sister (we used to fight a lot, but we both dished out hits so it was fair. Plus i was like 12). I have never groped, raped, assaulted, tried to intoxicate, or in any way abuse or exploit women. I wasn't tacky or pushy, or intrusive. I just have an ugly mug.
      Honestly you sound like the kind of person who would be disdainful towards guys like me just for asking you out. But I don't want to stereotype you until I know more about you.

    • 1) I don't accuse all men of being creepy and have explicitly laid out what I think is creepy in serous situations. And I'm not crazy--I'm a redhead

      2) No I didn't almost get into his car--I threatened to cut his dick off because he was being creepy. And I was already drunk, so I didn't need his vodka

      3) He followed my for 20 minutes while I drive under the speed limit on the highway, and followed my off. There is no traffic at 3AM

      Groping is creepy and unacceptable behavior

      4) My friend was bigger than them and let them know it. I didn't hear them plotting to kidnap me because I was trying to get a drink of water and they were blocking me. And I don't sleep with people, so that's just crude and gross

      5) It sounds like you're the one whose paranoid of being creepy. If a girl is scared of you, you're being creepy

  • Well I am not sure how to define it I don't really use the term much...
    It seems to be more a term used by women
    It seems as a term used to describe someone women get a bad vibe from for whatever reason justified or not
    And it is there a bit we run into problems since it is an often rather arbitrarily applied term
    You mention a few examples and sure if you read the situation correctly you can call them creeps... the person stalking you in the supermarket could just have been there getting stuff not caring at all about you being there of course I was not so I cannot say but it is sometimes thrown around a bit to easily
    The real issue though is more the way it is with some women thankfully not all but some women will label one guy a creep for approaching them because they did not find him attractive and not label another guy a creep for approaching them because they find that one attractive
    If one guy comes up and says hi and gets labelled a creep while another guy comes up and says hi and does not... That is a little arbitrary and that is why it is a problem

    • Well the guy followed me across Wal-Mart 3 times and then left his wallet on the register so he could wait until I paid for my groceries. I had to tell the cop to not let him follow me out

      I have called many hot guys creeps for groping me and have never called anyone a creep for something as simple as saying hi

    • Ok yes I can see the grocery store situation like that would be a little creepy
      And for groping you that is fair too
      It is good that you don't call people creeps for saying hi but some women routinely do that If it is not someone they are interested and to my mind at least that is not fair
      Not all women are like that but as it so often is with these things all women get blamed for what some do just as all the things some men do we all get blamed for

  • First off, women are not exactly unskilled at Machiavellian machinations... Witness feminist Twitter-mobs in full bloom. I've had feminists gang up on me several times when I disagreed with one of them.

    Second, imagine being a young boy and hearing this shit all the time. "Creep", "Pig", etc. It's not just women - did you hear Rudi Guiliani call men "disposable" the other day when he was talking about the media criticizing Ivanka Trump? That is internalized misandry if I ever heard it - or if it exists. Maybe men just are more disposable? Why would we send so many off to be killed in wars otherwise?

    You say that men misinterpret what it means. I don't know about other men, but when I was growing up, my mother was depressed, and she blamed my father for this. Which may not have been 100% unfair, but it wasn't the whole story either. I also gather she had a difficult relationship with her dad. So I'm not trying to belittle her. It was just that growing up, I rarely heard a kind word from her to my father. Whereas he tried hard to please her (maybe partly out of guilt). Add to that the fact that in general, you just rarely hear women out and out praise men. I feel like the vast majority of what women say about men is negative. But maybe I'm biased because of my parents' relationship.

    This would not be much of a problem if boys didn't have to approach girls and men didn't have to approach women. But that's the way it works. Which is why I find it cruel that some women are so vocal about men's shortcomings.

    I'm still trying to convince myself that I'm not a creep or a burden for wanting a girlfriend. And I don't know if I'll ever manage it. I am 34. This stuff has basically ruined my life.

  • Someone overly clingy and needy, idc how ugly or beautiful she is, its annoying and creepy
    Or a girl who happens to find me everywhere, id start asking myself some serious questions
    A girl that doesn't laugh with my jokes, can't trust em at all

  • The guy from Turkey who told my girlfriend he loved her and he'd fly from Turkey to be with her.
    After one conversation. Whilst also begging for a picture.

    The guy the other day who told her he was masturbating for her.

    And the countless others who tell her how horny they are and how much they want to see her so they can wank better.

    Also Lord Baelish.

    • All of those guys are pathetic losers and creeps. There are women who work online doing Skype, photos, emails etc, they should pay them, not ask normal decent women for it or try to get it free.

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    • Ooh Turkey guy is incredibly desperate. Luckily she has you to fend off those creeps

      Lol Lord Baelish isn't the only creep on that show

    • They never believe me at first. Then they get angry as if I'm the one trying to steal their girl. I know it hurts them though so they can get as angry as they like 👍

      Also yes, but Baelish is just so cringy at the same time 😂😂

  • A guy who talks to you, or tries to make some form of contact with you, that you don't find attractive.

    ... If you do find him attractive, then he's not a creep. - girl logic lol.

    • And what about the very attractive guy who tried to lure me to his car with vodka? I called him a creep too, so you're using "I'm insecure and blaming women for my problems" troll logic--lol

    • I am insecure, yeah. I've got no probs admitting that.

      I wasn't blaming women, as such. Just having a laugh with stereotypes.

      What are you so serious for? Relax.

  • Creep is subjective, it's all about how you feel towards the individual, the vibe they give out. So they could do all the polite things but if you are scared of their look for example, they are creeps.

    • Yes it can be subjective. Don't know where these downvotes are coming from lol. People who look scary and intimidating in a way that makes you uncomfortable or fearful can be called creeps

      For example, I'm only 5 feet tall, so someone who invades my personal space who is much taller than me creeps me out because they could easily kidnap me or something

    • they come from people with sub 70 IQ 😂

  • From what I've seen women tend to call men creeps when the women aren't interested and the men keep trying anyways.

    • I can agree with that. Unwanted repeated advances makes you a creep

    • I think that ones pretty universal, though I'm sure people use the term for others as well that are less clear cut.

  • Consider 2 dudes. One is of average looks, the other looks like Ryan Gosling.
    They do and say the same thing to try something with you but Ryan is a swell guy and the other is a creep.
    by the way... This (once again) comes back to the asymmetry between women and men. We put ourselves to task and we put ourselves in danger of rejection and being called names (creep) while women can sit on their hands and have opportunities coming their way all the time. And not satisfied with this much easier life, they'll call men creeps. There's something wrong with you and either you don't realize it or you hide it.

    • If you think Ryan Gosling can't be creepy, go watch the movie Lars And The Real Girl where he plays a mentally handicapped young man who falls in love with a blowup doll, then come back and tell me that shit ain't creepy

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    • Sorry, I'm just fucking with you at this point, I made my case.

  • Steps to not appear creepy:
    1. Be attractive.
    2. Don't be unattractive.

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    • In that case the guy wasn't attractive to you behaviorally, e. g. For guys being attractive has as much to do with how you behave towards a girl, if not more, than how you look.

  • Someone whose body language doesn't match their behaviour

    • For example, if you stare at a girl for 20 minutes but don't go up and introduce yourself, that's creepy.

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    • @Benedek38 Well he may have left some fang marks, but didn't sparkle and he didn't get the fun he wanted. And once again, he was attractive, but I still turned him down

      Hid body language did match his behavior, but he was still a creep. And yeah body language is a big part of it

    • Well, yeah, if a guy is running towards you with a machete, and is telling you that he will cut you to a thousand pieces, that's consistent behaviour, but you probably shouldn't swoon over him.

      Except if he looks like this. In this case, he's probably a nice dude.*XsubHzckz22_ssQz.jpg
      Source: Dude, trust me.

  • Girls also call guys creeps when a guy sees a pretty girl and he gives her a compliment saying she is beautiful , which cracks me up I don't know how a compliment to someone defines them as creepy

    • The creepy part has more to do with the intent behind the compliment and in its delivery. It's one thing to genuinely give a compliment and then be able to walk away, leaving it at that. It's another, to lurk around and insist that she pay attention to you, forcing her into conversation, just because you want something else to come of it.
      Many girls feel threatened by this and will be compelled to interact with a man, simply because of the potential safety risk it poses to her, if she doesn't.
      There's more underneath the surface of an appearance based compliment. It actually exemplifies an unbalanced power dynamic. It puts women in a position of powerlessness, when men feel that giving her a compliment gives her life more meaning.
      If she actually possessed the quality that she is being complimented on, and owned it, men would be totally offput. The idea is "You're not pretty, unless I say so and tell you that you are".
      Imagine the response from men, if she agreed.

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    • @youmustbejoking
      Elevators are definitely a creepy place to hit on someone because there's no escape

    • Right? If you are male, please keep in mind that you have a physical advantage and sometimes it can be frightening to women. Learn to read body language and resist whatever temptation to use your advantage to coerce, because ultimately, you will not get an authentic interaction from women.

  • I personally hate the word creep because it gets thrown around way too cavalierly. Often times its either just a miscommunication, the person lacks social skills or has some developmental disorder, one party is way too fucking sensitive, or the person is tweaking on drugs. It can be uncomfortable, sure, but that's life.

    Oh, and as per your never seeing a girl call a guy a "creep" for asking her out, I'd refer you to the late 20s anonymous broad below who said "to me any random guy that i dont know coming up to me and asking me out is creepy". There you go. I'm sure she's not the only one and its girls like her that guys envision when they're wondering whether or not to approach.

    • I agree with the first part, but that I see more guys throwing it around than girls

      She maybe an outlier, but I do understand her not being comfortable with strangers approaching her, especially if she's alone. Think about all the homeschooled kids who never had real social interaction as children and are therefore less comfortable than others as adults

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    • I agree that it gets thrown around a lot, which makes the real deal less noticed and taken seriously

    • Of course. Acknowledging others is the polite thing to do. Women though, more so than men, are taught to be accommodating and polite almost to a fault. It starts to become pretense and sometimes women put their own safety at risk by just trying to be polite.

  • A creep is someone who disregards you directly telling them you're not interested and to leave you alone (and ignoring them) and still makes advances or stalks you.

  • Green and square...

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  • There are creeps on this site, some of them bang on and about sex and how desperate they are and fantasise that the women here are fantastically beautiful, look like models, are young and attractive and got a wonderful body and desperate to let any man anywhere enjoy it. If they are not that stupid and desperate the men get short tempered with them and call them names. Because to such CREEPS women are only there to give men sex. These CREEPS forget that there are women who earn their living this way. They are called prostitutes, call girls, lap dancers etc. They charge a lot of money. If amateurs were equally keen to meet a load of tossers and give them sexual satisfaction surely they would give up their job and do that instead and earn a lot more? I once had a client who used to be a teacher. She was middle aged and fairly attractive but nothing special. She went to a bar to meet a friend and the friend did not turn up. But a guy chatted her up and offered her a lot of money for sex. He was good looking , smart, charming, good with words, pleasant to be with so she said yes and earnt more in a few hours than she usually earnt in a whole week. She did it some more and gave up teaching. She now earns far more meeting a few guys like this each week. She would laugh at some of the guys who lack personality, looks, charm and expect women to give them FREE casual sex. She would not bother with them if they offered to pay her.

    • Haha so many creeps on this site. The sad part is when they justify this bad behavior and blame the women for it

      I get why she would do that. I've been offered money before, but always turn it (And the guy) down. I've even had girls encourage me to get a sugar daddy. But I know that is a one-way street, so I will never do it. But even though those transactions are consentual, it still creeps me out every time I'm put in one of those positions

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    • That just sounds like a lonely, paranoid, deceitful life for those guys. I do not envy it and hope I never have to deal with another cheater or his mistress again, especially if I get married

      One of my friends has a sugar daddy to help pay her bills. She is trying to financially support herself without him though and just started a new job

    • Good for you and good for your friend. Nothing wrong with any arrangement where there is give and take. She gives her company and sex and he gives money, so long as both are happy with it and neither are lying to the other. It makes me laugh when some ugly common half wit expects the same for free.,

  • I don't really call anyone a "creep" unless of course they're stalkers, lechers, and peeping toms. That or they're badgering me on social media numerous times wanting to snag a date with me. 🙄 Even though they know I'm ignoring them and it's clear that I'm. Not. Interested. 😊😊😊 *sarcastic smile*

    If you act like a creep don't get mad when you get called out. Simple...

    • The ones who get mad are the worst. I once had a guy tell all his friends I was a bitch for screaming at him when he came up behind me and put his hand on my thigh

    • Yikes! Yeah that guy definitely fits the "creep" mold.

  • Touching you. Trying too hard to make you fall for him. Staring at you intensely or creepily. Staring for long periods of time. Trying to make you laugh all the time. Bragging about themselves.

    • Ooh the staring is a bad one

    • Trying to make you laugh all the time? Bragging about themselves I mean you can call them negative traits or turn offs but creepy?

    • Creepy, because they want you so bad so they try to make you like or desire them. It shows desperation and extreme persistence.

  • A guy that’s at your work place, doesn’t know you much cept for a few days or a week, and tells ya one day he wants to pick out your lingerie for a one night stay or as friends with benefits just cause they think you’re body is amazing and they want to get in bed (literally said) with you... dear jebus..🤦‍♀️

  • Our safety is in your hands and being a girl i understand and agree with you but then always remember this even though as girls we have to be careful but then we should be bold enough not to let any injustice happen to us and wise enough to make right choices so that we dont have to face ( creepy) situations and if we do we should be bold enough so nobody dares mess with us :)

    • I completely agree with that. I busted my hand up on some guy's face a couple months ago because he kept groping me and wouldn't take "no" for an answer

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    • I am not being skeptical to "get points", I am doing kt because it is the most efficient way of reaching an ideal consensus about a subject.

      So now you are telling me the guy was
      -groping several women - they all loudly objected.
      -being obviously way too drunk and aggressive.
      and the security staff, who have the training and authorization to remove him, didn't do it? Sorry, this is bullshit. I actually know several security guys, and they are trained to stop these kinds of incidents by the roots. They wouldn't allow a guy to do half of this.

      Sorry, but you are making a terrible case here. I don't believe what you say is true - it is either entirely fabricated, or you are twisting the story to make youe point clearer, and we both know this.

    • @Benedek38
      And that's the problem. Yes they are trained to deal with these problems, but the problem is they didn't do anything about it, so I had to resort to violence to defend myself, my friend, and all the other girl's in there. Obviously the staff realized it was a problem at that point because they removed him from the premesise and had one of the cops appointed to that district to physically remove him because he wouldn't leave. You can be skeptical all you want, but you're wrong. You can go back and read everything I've said and confirm that my story is consistent even though it's been several days since we started this

      And my guy friend should've stepped in when my girl friend and I told him about this guy, but he didn't either. This situation was a failure of men to protect women when they should've, when they were trained to

      At this point you're just being a troll and I hope no girl who cares about you ever had to deal with your bullshit

  • A 'creep' has nothing to do with their looks or gender.

    A creep is a person, who texts inappropriately without a recognition of social constructs. Example: You don't call a stranger with nicknames unless you are on a dating site (inappropriate names on dating sites is also a creepy thing to send to a stranger.)

    A creep is a person who doesn't take no for answer and won't stop bothering you after you have rejected them. They still keep on trying to talk to you even though you feel uncomfortable and have told them to stop.

    A creep is a person who makes others feel uncomfortable.

    • I concur with everything here. And I absolutely agree a creep can be male or female because I've experienced and seen both as well

  • Creeps are people who give unwanted/unnecessary attention to a person (usually a stranger). And whether they know it or not, the person they’re preying on gets very uncomfortable.

    • I have had private messages from guys here - often a third of my age - ugly, boring - thinking that all they have to do is tell me they are wnking or desperate or lonely or like older women and I must say yes. Pathetic.

  • Oh, my gosh. Are you okay?
    I would’ve died right then and there if that happened to me.
    Did you report them?

    • Which one? I couldn't get the license plate of the guy who tried to follow me home and I didn't know the guys were trying to kidnap me until my friend told me later... just thought they were being regular creeps. And I always tell the cop at Walmart not to let creepy guys follow me out if they act like they're going to

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    • She couldn't remember the date because she was tanked. I don't know how much she was drinking, but she was sauced. She was seeing a bunch of people groping her and shit. Then they tried to kidnap her, then she's seen wandering around the inside of a store for over an hour... I mean she was effin blasted

    • he would have a disabled plate most likely

  • An old guy confessing love to me ( I was 17 that time he was 38)
    A stalker from my facebook
    A pervert
    A guy who constantly send nude photos of him *😷

    • When he was 38) *

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    • Checking to know what's going on is not stalking. To keep checking after you've known could be

    • your girlfriend is stalking you because she wants to know what and who you like on fb. Lol. Well if she's your girlfriend its normal to check your facebook but if it's a random stranger who always stalk you on fb it's creepy

  • I call a creep a guy or girl that looks at you in an uncomfortable way and has a bad loon in their eyes and has a very rude expretion

  • In short, a creep is someone who doesn't understand boundaries or chooses to ignore them, often in a threatening way.

  • Creep is someone who give you the chills in a wrong way, make the hair on your neck stand. Like an Adult knowing there texting a child “where do you live?” The guy at the bar that just stares at you and he know your uncomfortable. That girl that stalks your Instagram and follows where you go or meets your friends “randomly” . I think it’s interchangeable with the word weirdo.

  • I dont understand the need to call every guy your aren't attracted to a creep. I only call actual creeps, creeps

  • Sex predators and those who like to send pix of themselves and ask you for even more in return.

  • A guy acting too confident towards me while I give him zero sign of interest, making me uncomfortable, is a creep

  • Anything ranging from jerk to someone who is a creepy stalker = creep.

  • It can be a jerk , pervept, someone who is doing something or said something...

  • A person who makes others feel uncomfortable. Someone you wouldn't ride alone in an elevator with.

  • Someone who doesn't know how to say goodbye and stay out of your life.

  • Someone who whispers creepy stuff in your ear

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