Is my male teacher flirting with me?

Me, 16. My teacher, 28, Keeps treating me better than everyone else. He constantly winks at me, He smirks at me, And always smiles. The other day, In front of he whole class, He was explaining about house prices for an assignment, He said how he was looking to buy a house with his non apparent girlfriend, Then he looks at me, Smiles, And looks down, And goes red in the face.
Another time, In P. E., he said go in partners to practice passes for volleyball, 0.2 seconds later he walks up to me, Awkwardly smiles, And says do you want to be my partner? He winks. I said I suppose. Then he says 'okay cool' then winks again. The passes and other activities that we were doing involved being really close to your partner on opposite sides of the net. He was being really weird about it and looking at me.
One time in class, He asked me to stay behind for 5 minutes. Wondering why, I said sure. After class, I staying behind. He told me to sit down in the chair, Next to his desk. I felt awkward as I was about 30cm away from him. He leaned in a little bit closer, And started talking about something to do with my emotions and how I wasn't really talking in the lesson. I said that I was going through a tough time. He asked if I wanted to talk about, I said no, And that I'll be fine. He said that I am a really great student and to keep up the good work. As he was saying that, He kept on moving closer, I leaned back in my chair, to get away from him. He handed me my test results, a week early. "A+, well done, you must of studied hard" he said to me. I said: 'I didn't study at all, Just what I learnt in class, You must be that good of a teacher" I got up out of my chair, he dropped his pen on the floor, I could tell it wasn't an accident. He thought I wasn't looking, So he leaned down and picked it up. As he was doing so he looked up my skirt. I said that I had to go. He said, ' Nice chat, We should do it again sometime"
Is my male teacher flirting with me?
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