Is my teacher flirting with me?

I'm 17 I'm a little confused my teacher has been a little flirty in my opinion. So he's 25 I'm his assistant. So he's always bragging to everybody about me. Always complimenting. He'll always stand really close to me and lean in even if he's not having trouble hearing, (like were always touching when we talk either arm to arm, leg to leg, something) he's always really smiley when we talk, winks at me (he doesn't wink at anyone else I've more than paid attention) when I'm talking he like gazes into my eyes, but when he talks he usually just gets his point across, he'll listen to personal things in my life and ask questions then joke around with the stuff later, he's always talking about me because every time I see him and someone else is there he's always like oh well speaking of her there she is. He seems to act really different around me and has a closer relationship with me. But it seems to be only when were alone. One time I was just fixing myself and he walked into the room and was like trying to look good for that weird guy (a boy who interviews me sometimes) and I was like no ha ha and he almost sounded annoyed that I was doing it when he said it. This may not matter but I had a dream the other night that he liked me and was being very flirty in front of everybody and didn't seem to care (my dreams seem to always mean something). So the next day I had to go give him something and he looked very excited to see me was smiling the entire time and winked at me for no reason and told me he'll see me later (and the semester ended this week and he knows it so unless he came to talk to me he wouldn't see me) he never checks my work either and if I try to offer it he's just like don't worry about it and smiles or says just show me later so I don't know but between the winking, personal conversations, talking about me a lot, smiling all the time different treatment, I just don't know what to think. I mean I know he doesn't like me but whether he has a sexual attraction to me I don't know. If it helps I'm not trying to sound cocky but I'm very pretty, and he's married. I just want to know if it's harmless flirting, or I'm reading too into it. But he definitely acts different around me. Thanks so much for any helpful advice!:)
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Thanks for the help!:) please more advice:)
Is my teacher flirting with me?
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