What are some questions you can ask a teen boy to make him hella horny without having sex?

Like I'm between 15 and 17 I like teasing my friends that are boys for the fun of it. So I'm doing that with one of my friends he between the same age so I'm wondering what kind of questions can I ask him to make him horny from where he standing?

Oh and yeah they no its not serious they also like playing this game.
4get it no1 answer this ques. Please


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  • You really shouldn't be asking this. You're trying to ask a teen boy questions that will make him horny? You must have forgotten the "teen boy" part. You want to mess around with him but yet don't want to get laid. You obviously don't know what a teen boy's mind is like or you wouldn't be asking this question. You don't want to fire up his engine, even if you think you do I'm sure you don't want the results. If you don't want to have sex, don't ask the questions. Why take a chance. You have no clue what your dumb questions would do to his mind. You're going to be sending him a message that you really didn't want to send. Game over.


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  • I agree with the anonymous user, boys are not toys, some friends of mine ((girls)) love to get my other friends ((guys)) to do stuff that not only embarasses us but makes us extremely uncomfortable, they love to mess with us and just all around toy with us, unfortunatly they are the only girls who will talk to most of us and we are all too wussy to fight back.,.,.much,.,.,


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  • So, you're older than 15, but younger than 17. Hmm. . . does that make you 16?

    Anyways, you shouldn't play games when it comes to these things (sex, inticimacy) or anything like it (dating, lust, attraction, etc.) Those kind of head games can leave people extremely confused and feeling hurt if they misinterpret what you mean.

    Boys are not toys. If you want to play around, dig around your closet for a Bratz doll or a Barbie.

    • I agree with you .

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    • Very nice, well put, and your pretty young yourself. Not bad, not bad at all. =)

    • Thanks. :-)