Is my crush playing with my emotions?

*Please read and stick with me here, I really would like some advice/opinions*

There's a boy that I think is really cute, but we are more like acquaintances. When he was near me, he wouldn't say anything, make awkward eye contact for a few seconds, and just be quiet.

Well the other day I saw a whole other side of him, while he was with friends. They were sitting in a car and I had to walk by them. I thought I heard his friend say something but I didn't give them the time of day. When I got in my car, I leaned forward and saw my crush repeatedly stretching his neck and staring at me, with a slight smile on his face (and he never smiles at me.) They looked happy, and it looked like they had been giggling about something.

-Then I had to go by my crushes house, and they had arrived over there before I did. As soon as they saw me, his friend ran to my crushes vehicle and started revving the engine multiple times. His friends were loud and showing off my crush/his stuff. Their talking got louder, they were like bouncing off the walls.

I had to deliver something to my crushes house, and usually my crush never says anything to me but that day, with his friends, he looked right at me and said thanks immediately after I said hi to him. Usually it's his brother that talks to me. He acted complacent, and after saying thanks he turned around quickly. He didn't stutter or mumble, he said that to me like I was a friend of his.

After I was done, I got back in my car and I peeked out my window and every time I did my crush would look back at me with a straight face, and look away.

-The next day I had to go back there, and he was outside, alone. He was busy, but he didn't even look at me (which is unusual.) His eyes might of shifted to me once or twice, but he kept looking at what he was doing and acted like I wasn't there. His brother was even a little quiet. Is my crush embarrassed or trying to cover his tracks?

Or worse, is he playing with my emotions?

I was doing good all week, I wasn't crushing on him as bad as I used to. But ever since that day they made me like the center of attention, I've fallen so hard and deep. I just wish I knew what his intentions were, please give me your opinions/advice. Thanks!
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I didn't smile at him or his friends while they were showing off/being noisy. I never smile at my crush anyways because I don't want him to think I'm crazy about him (which I am.)

Unless I truly know what his intentions are, I'm scared to show him any interest
Is my crush playing with my emotions?
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