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Girl shows attraction, then it seems like I become invisible to her? Then she shows signs again?


Met young girl (19) at the gym/ I'm tall, fit, look good.
Some times we would lock eyes, then some smiles.

So I decided to talk to her before the gym closed for public holiday. We joked and I teased a little.
We took turns on a machine and every time I finished my set I would put back the weight pin and handle that she used.
She did the same thing for me every time, and looked at me over her shoulder with a sweet smile. I told her she was a sweetheart for doing that and she giggled. As she left that day she turned and gave me a look and when we returned, she walked to me with a heart-melting smile to say hello.
Sometimes I greet her with a sweet nickname. While I'm playful and like to tease, chats felt awkward at times since it's hard relaxing with her lol.
One day I came with my arm battered due to some extreme sport I do and she immediately noticed and came over to ask what happened and if I'm hurting.

We go the same way with this girl. Last week we were talking and she said she was almost done. Looking outside I casually replied I had 1 more exercise and said we could walk back together if she wants.
She looked at me for a second and said "sure if we finish together".
I didn't say anything, it's ok whether she came or not. As I turned back to my plates she continued "wow you got sunburnt on the shoulders". I turned to joke about what happened, then finished my workout. I looked around and didn't see her. Collected my stuff from the lockers & greeted the owner at the booth. Didn't see her still so I left.

Did she hastily leave or stall I do not know.
Next day we met and said hi but it wasn't like before. We didn't talk more that day.
What was the big deal, since we always walked the same direction, might as well walk together. If she didn't like me why would she look and smile? I wouldn't, so I've no clue.

We 're back to staring now, we'll lock eyes from across the room and throw a wide smile. Then she may ignore, later we randomly may look and smile again.

3 mo
Oh yea of course we're talking again, the question length here is such that I had to cut a lot of things out and keep sentences super shortt and dense with the basic stuff. She came and stood next to me and I could tell she was looking to chat because she was turning back and forth towards me so we reconnected. I guess I should ask her something similar again and I'll see. I'm fine either way but I would love to hear her perspective , I'm curious to know what she's thinking
Girl shows attraction, then it seems like I become invisible to her? Then she shows signs again?
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