Does your love get stronger or weaker over time?

When you're in a relationship with someone, does your feelings for them get stronger the longer you're together and the more you experience together. Or do you get bored and your feelings start to wane over time while you crave something new.

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  • it should get stronger. if it's not, then it's a sign that it's not going to work out


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What Guys Said 7

  • I think the type and style can change.

    I think the more I've gotten to know exes when I was dating them, the more I've not wanted to date them. But, considering I have less than 6 months dating experience, I can't say over the long run what my feelings would be, as It's never survived the supposed "honeymoon stage."

    • Yeah six months isn't so long... I wish you better luck with your future relationships :)

  • In a good relationship, my feelings grew stronger. That's how I knew it was meant to be...for a while. Her feelings changed, but mine did not...for a while.

    The feelings grew stronger during happy times and weaker during sadder times, until I reminded her and myself that the sad times pass and the happy times come back...until they didn't.

    However, the sad times of our divorce are nothing compared to the happiness in store for each of us in our separate lives.

    • Well I'm happy that you were able to find happiness in your separate life again :)

  • It depends if that is healthy or dysfunctional relationship. If there's mutual attraction, honesty, trust and equal give & take, then it would definitely become stronger over time. I wouldn't become bored of one girl - how could I while falling for her more and more?

    But if she would act like a bitch, gets drunk often, flirts around with other men and then lie to me, then sure my feelings would rapidly diminish, even if the beginning would be like a dream and even if she would be the most beautiful girl on the world.

  • My hatred certainly grows stronger.

  • Depends entirely on if it's allowed to grow with a person or if they shun you/it and you're forced to purposely weaken it (can't really ever kill it) so you don't hurt so much >.> hah.

    But ya, it depends on that and other things. Hell, it might not really grow, but you might come to understand how strong it really is as time goes on and you open yourself up to it too. That could be it as well. Hard to say.

    And I never want anything "new" if I'm content with what I've got. And if I'm in a loving relationship well others are just friends and nothing more to me. Soooo *shrugs*

  • I think it varies, I´m in my first relationship of my life, and tbh I never thought it would last more than a few months, but she just seem to keep growing on me, and the sensation of love is just getting stronger and stronger. As I said I´m not sure this is what is normal but it´s just how it is.

    I´m a 19 year old guy btw.

  • it depends on the time they spend together...if they are having a good quality time when ever they are together it means the feelings are getting stronger and the chances of them staying together are the end I feel both the partners should reach out to each other by communcating and understanding each other


What Girls Said 5

  • It totally depends on if our relationship is getting/remaining healthy or if it is not doing well. I have not become bored of anyone, but I have had relationships where we just are not connecting anymore and are unable to fix our problems, and fall out of love.

    When I have had a bumpy relationship where we actually are learning from our disagreements and bond tighter after talking things out, well love grows stronger.

    I have also experienced being in a relationship with someone that I really like but it just does not grow into love. That came from taking bad advice from friends who told me I should be less picky and date guys I was not attracted to. Horrible advice. I mean if you are picky on a bunch of material things and physical qualities, well that is one thing, but if you just don't have attraction for someone, no spark, no chemistry, you should move on.

    • Exactly. If I'm not physically attracted to someone, it's difficult for me to like them. You can't just turn a switch on to like someone.

    • I agree. You can't force it to work if you just aren't attracted to them. You need something pulling you to them to make it work.

  • Depends, if the person makes me weaker & sad than I will leave the relationship. If the person makes me happy and strong and we help each other than love grows stronger.

  • I find it grows and grows and then reaches a plateau where it stops, and that's how I feel about that person until they change drastically or drift away.

  • "I needed you more I wanted us less. I could not kiss just regress"

    • Translation please? I don't know that song lol

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    • if you need it why wouldn't you work for it. do I mean you are mad at your partner so you won't humble yourself? otherwise I don't think a person who truly needed something would disregard it.. unless they are ashamed. and that would prevent affection as well..

      but that sounds like how people are during any point of miscommunication.. doubt its a breaking up sign universally.

    • @toulouse: It's a song from Bush. The reason you need your partner more is because you need them to be the person you thought they were... you need them to be loving again... but you don't want to work at it anymore because the other person has done horrible things to hurt you and you feel like being together is only causing you pain. Like I said to the question asker, at the end of a relationship, I think you love them more and less at the same time. The relationship is too damaged. Make sense?

  • In the past, weaker. In my current relationship, stronger every day :)

    • Aww, that's nice. I hope it keeps going well for you! And I'm in the same boat haha

    • I remember seeing quite a few of your answers and it sounds like you're in a really healthy relationship, high five :)

    • Yep, and they're hard to find these days too. Good for us! *highfive back*

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