Guys - The "Nice Girl"

So I'm kind of "the nice girl" - I treat others nice, I'm sweet, I don't dress provacative or swear or drink or do drugs. I'm smart, innocent, Haven't had sex, etc.

whats weird to me is, a lot of the "bad boys" like me. the bad boys can be with me other guys and "bad girls" but they FLOCK to me! flag me down to sit with them etc. its crazy.

the nice boys seem to like me as a friend and are very nice to me but don't flock to me or ask me out as crazily. what is up with this? do I attract only rowdy boys being nice? because I want a nice boy. how do I get a nice boy? would a nice boy like a nice girl?

and by nice I mean doesn't drink/smoke everyday and does not get in fights a lot and cares about school and is kind to people. pretty simple =)
Bad boys are the only type who like "nice girls"
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Nice boys are just shy to ask you out, but like you too.
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If you're nice, you're just going to be in the friend zone.
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Guys - The "Nice Girl"
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