Why is my boyfriend being so insensitive?

My boyfriend thinks its funny to tease me and joke with me. I have told him I don't really like it and would rather if he would say nice things to me or be affectionate. But that hasn't happened yet. Like tonight he told me dinner was made wrong(suppose to be funny), shrugged me off of him with I tried to cuddle, pointed out that I had a pimple and laughed. Told me to shut up when I spoke, told me he didn't care about what I was saying, pulled the blanket from me when I was trying to relax, told me I was moody. So I just said I think I'm gonna go home. I wasn't mean, and he said oh really, I said yea, I've had enough of the rude jokes. He said I am too sensitve. I said OK and left. After I left I feel stupid, like maybe I am over reacting. I don't want him to think I am being a b*tch but sometimes enough is enough, I get it your joking, its over. I just want a kiss or a hug something that shows he cares. Why does he do this? How can I tell him to stop? How can I not let it bother me?
Why is my boyfriend being so insensitive?
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