"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen"-a good opener?

I'm learning in uni and in September I noticed an insanely beautiful girl in the hallways; however, she and I aren't in the same department and so I never see her in class, and she's always with her female friend.

However, I've never had the guts to speak to her but I have the inkling that she likes me (or at least likes the attention); one quick example: there's a round staircase in the uni and to my great surprise we 'met' halfway through, she was walking down (with her female friend) and I was going up; I was looking at her and smiling (don't remember how much) after the initial surprise; however she was looking down and I had no idea if she noticed me; but I went up and then she went out of my sight (when your near the top you don't see the bottom); so I walked a few steps down and she and her friend had 'decended' the stairs and were walking in the hallway - and she looked up and noticed me standing there looking at her ...but decode it as you want.

Uni is starting again soon and I might as well take the plunge and at least talk to her - now I've done warm up sets, but the opener in the title I've reserved for her. But I've read a bunch of "pua" bullsh#t and it states that under no circumstances are you to tell a woman that she is beautiful - only cute (or use wording that her girlfriends would use).

Basically I think it's bullsh#t - but I wanna test out the waters here before I take the plunge.

Therefore I ask you girls; if a guy were to approach you, whom you've noticed looking at you for a few months were to say this to you ...how would you react? Especially when you know that he's sincere about it and not using the opener to try to get into your pants.

Nota bene, would you be embarrassed that your female friend would hear it (nota bene, I'm going to use the opener in her presence as I've never ever seen the girl of my affection alone). I'm am handsome, so that is to my advantage (but I know that looks aren't everything and that girls view beauty differently from one girl to another).

The full opener will be something like: "Hi, I'm sorry, but I just have to say to you something I've been meaning to for the last couple of months - but you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen so I just had to come and say hi" and then play it by ear.
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Well, just got a third date with her next week - so guys, listen to your gut and not the people here
"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen"-a good opener?
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